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Rick Ross Introduces a Brand of Smokable Hemp

Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

by Hunter Dublin | October 3, 2022

A line of smokable hemp products, including hemp cigarettes, smoking paper, and tobacco substitutes, is being introduced by the rapper Rick Ross. Last Thursday, Ross announced the news.

Ross stated that he "really believes in the health advantages of hemp-derived goods" in a statement published on the Hemp Hop website.

After experiencing some health concerns and going through his recovery, he created a line of smokables to provide the advantages of hemp cannabinoids.

According to a Hip Hop DX source, the line is a collaboration with Hempacco, who initially revealed the project during Ross' Boss Up Conference, which was held from September 17 to 29.

Hempacco's chief marketing officer and co-founder, Jorge Olson, told Hip Hop DX that the business is "ready" to begin promoting the brand to wholesalers.

Olson told Hip Hop DX that with Rick Ross and James Lindsay in charge of sales, distribution, and marketing, customers would have a good experience. James Lindsay, who has experience with wholesale distribution, is prepared to introduce the items to his whole Rap Snacks network of distributors nationwide.


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