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Public Cannabis Use Ban in Stearns County, Minnesota

The residents of Stearns County are encouraged to provide their written comments regarding the use of marijuana in public spaces. The county recently held a public hearing on an ordinance that aims to prohibit the use of all cannabis products in parks, on the street, in outdoor venues, and in other areas where the public gathers. Surprisingly, no private residents spoke at the hearing.

County Administrator Michael Williams stated that his office will be accepting written comments on this issue until August 21st. The county board will then proceed to vote on the ordinance on August 22nd, provided that any additional questions about the law are answered. One of the concerns that officials have is determining how much restriction the county's proposal will impose on private businesses that wish to allow marijuana consumption on their premises.

For public use to be permitted, each city within the county must pass a corresponding ordinance that declares it legal. It's important to note that the county rule would override any city or township ordinances related to recreational cannabis.

Furthermore, Stearns County has yet to decide on the number of recreational dispensaries they will allow, as well as whether commercial operations will be permitted. The law provides local governments with the authority to influence the number of retail locations based on the population.

To read the proposal, click here.

The County Board urges the public to make their voices heard on this issue before the vote. Residents are encouraged to provide their comments on the proposed ordinance either in writing or by attending a public hearing. In addition, citizens can participate in local ballot initiatives and voice their opinion about marijuana use in Stearns County. Ultimately, the decision to allow cannabis consumption will be up to


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