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Prince Harry Reveals the Details of One of His "Trips" while on Magic Mushrooms

By Therin Miller | Jan. 6, 2023

In his recently released autobiography, Spare, Prince Harry recounts a strange and surreal experience while under the influence of psilocybin - magic mushrooms and also talks about his use of marijuana and cocaine.

Prince Harry, fifth in line for the British throne, discussed in his recently published memoir how he and some of his friends ate magic mushrooms to get high while at a party in California in 2016 when he was 31.

“We spotted a huge box of black diamond mushroom chocolates. Someone behind me said they were for everybody. Help yourself, boys. My mate and I grabbed several, gobbled them, and washed them down with tequila”, wrote the Prince, according to a translation of the book which was released early by mistake in Spain.

He recounts using the restroom when the effects of the mushrooms kicked in.

“Beside the toilet was a round silver bin, the kind with a foot pedal to open the lid. I stared at the bin. It stared back. Then it became . . . a head. I stepped on the pedal and the head opened its mouth. A huge open grin. I laughed, turned away, took a p***. Now the loo became a head too. The bowl was its gaping maw, the hinges of the seat were its piercing silver eyes. It said, ‘Aaah’.”

Prince Harry admitted to taking psychedelics several times for fun and therapeutically. He said psychedelics allowed him to escape and “redefine” reality and to see “the truth”.

Prince Harry opened up about his past in his book, revealing that he had been experimenting with drugs; namely, snorting cocaine and smoking marijuana. Not only did this happen while at Kensington Palace - the royal family's London residence - but also while he was studying at prestigious Eton College.

He admitted to trying these substances multiple times, though he did note that it wasn't a consistent habit.

In the book Spare, Prince Harry also recalls a shooting weekend when he was 17, where he tried cocaine recounting the experience as not “fun and it did not make me feel as happy as it seemed to make others but it did make me feel different and that was my main goal. To feel. To be different”.

He did go on to say "I was a deeply unhappy 17-year-old willing to try almost anything that would alter the status quo. That was what I told myself anyway.”

During his teenage and early adult years, Harry was widely known as a "party prince" due to the numerous sightings of him outside London clubs, often appearing to be intoxicated.

In the UK magic mushrooms have been illegal since 2005 and are considered a class A drugs for which the maximum penalty for possession is seven years in prison.

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I bet royal shrooms hit different. 😂

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