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Pot-infused Halloween Candy Hospitalizes 5-Year-Old

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

By: Buz Deliere | November 10, 2022

Halloween was over a week ago and yet there's another case of a child becoming sick from eating cannabis-infused treats. Law enforcement can't stress enough the importance of checking your child's candy during this spooky season.

This story comes from Suffolk County, Long Island, as Shirley, a 5-year-old, was treated at a local hospital for eating what was believed to be cannabis-infused candies.

As more and more states legalize cannabis the risk becomes greater for children to get their hands on these adult candies. Not to mention a lot of the packaging for these products look similar to the real candies they are mimicking.

In this instance, the alleged cannabis-infused candies were in a package that resembled the popular children's candy Starburst.

The package was properly labeled and clearly marked that it contained THC, but children do not know what these markings are which is why it is important for parents to be vigilant.

Jeffrey Reynolds, of the Family and Children's Association, said in an interview that "None of these products should exist, there's no reason to have cannabis products that look like kids toys or kids candy" and went on to say "the fact that these products are on the market is part of the problem."

Police do not have any suspects at this time and want parents to stay on alert and make sure their kids are eating candy that is safe.


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