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Police Raid Illegal Pot Grow in Wigan and Seize Over a Thousand Cannabis Plants

By: Marie Scarci | October 28, 2022

On Thursday morning, officers were called to investigate an industrial building near the corner of Pickup Street and Lord Street, in Higher Ince, a northwest part of England. After they received a phone call from engineers about what appeared to be an electrical connection that had been tampered with.

"At around 7.30am today, officers received a call from an electricity provider who believed they had discovered an electricity connection that had been tampered with." a spokesman for the local police says

Police discovered power had been run to two stories of the industrial building and was powering a huge illegal grow operation. Officers found around 1,300 plants, in various stages, throughout the two-story grow.

Police quickly, with the help of the Engineers from Electricity North West, made the area safe and secure and installed traffic lights to help contain the scene. Crime scene investigators and police remained at the scene gathering as much information and clues as possible to help identify possible suspects.

While the evidence is continuing to be seized and the illegal operation is being taken down police are asking for anyone's help or information about any suspicious activity that might have been seen around the area.

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