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Police Bust Terminally Ill Patient at Hospital for Using Cannabis Extract

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

By: Marie Scarci | December 24, 2022

Hays, KS - On December 16, a terminally ill patient at Hays Medical Center was the target of an unexpected police raid. They confiscated his vaping device and some THC-infused edible paste before citing him for drug possession and scheduling a court date for January 2nd.

A friend of 69-year-old Greg Bretz has revealed to the local press the heartbreaking story. After being diagnosed with terminal, inoperable cancer and becoming bedridden due to his illness, Mr.Bretz was stunned when police came into his hospital room for his vape pen.

For the last three weeks, he has been enduring hospital stays and relying on his vaping device combined with small amounts of THC paste to mitigate severe pain. Unable to rely solely on traditional treatments for relief, he's had no choice but to look toward alternative methods in order to ensure his comfort during this trying time.

Bretz was told by his doctor that there is little further medical treatment available other than hospice care. Despite this prognosis, however, the physician encouraged him to do what makes him feel better and help improve his way of life.

When a hospital staffer spotted him vaping, they immediately alerted local police. Officers then rushed to the scene where he was informed that such devices posed a significant fire hazard due to oxygen in the room.

Hundreds of cases have been documented in which patients sustained burns from faulty vape technology while receiving supplemental oxygen through nasal tubes. Despite safety concerns surrounding the use of vaping devices, Bretz reported he is not using oxygen tubes to assist in breathing.

Despite claiming his THC paste is for medicinal purposes, police have wasted no time in attempting to seize it from him. The man plans on contacting a prosecutor to have an extension added to his court date. While much remains uncertain in this regrettable, and sad situation, unfortunately, the one certainty is that he will not be there for it.

Kansas is one of just a few states that still ban medicinal cannabis.

Let us know what you think about this story and if you think hospitals should make adjustments for end-of-life patients who wish to use cannabis.

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Mad Dabber
Mad Dabber
24 dic 2022

What the hell is wrong with people? This is unacceptable human behavior, just embarrassing and disgusting!!

Me gusta
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