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Police Bust Massive THC Edible Operation in Massachusetts

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

By: Marie Scarci | December 20, 2022

Photo Credit: Boston 25

In a stunning development on the South Shore, authorities uncovered an illicit THC edible operation hidden in plain sight - operating out of an unsuspecting commercial business. Now several individuals face upcoming charges as police crackdown on this illegal endeavor.

Braintree Police recently executed a search warrant at an address on Mill Lane and uncovered something unexpected: an illicit drug production facility manufacturing THC edibles and gummies. This discovery was the result of a careful investigation following up on tips from members of the community.

In a massive haul, police uncovered gummy candy containing THC at an astounding street value of over $100,000. An array of flavors made up the thousands already packaged in 10-gummy packs and some still on racks waiting to be cooled.

Police uncovered significant quantities of THC oil with an estimated street value in excess of $20,000 during a raid last week. 17- liter bottles containing various amounts of the oil are believed to have been seized and can reportedly sell for up to three thousand dollars each on the commercial market.

Photo Credit: Boston 25

“It appeared that this space was used exclusively for the manufacture and packaging of THC edibles. This commercial space has been rented since about 2020. The Town of Braintree had nothing on file related to business conducted at this property,” local police said in a statement.

Police have arrested multiple people who will be charged with manufacturing and trafficking Class D drugs, reportedly involving more than 100 pounds of cannabis. Although police have not identified those arrested or released details about their alleged involvement, they confirmed the owner of the property had no knowledge nor connection to this activity.

Police have warned that the dangers of consuming unregulated edibles and oils could be far more serious than many users realize, with potentially high concentrations of THC leading to adverse effects. Other toxic contaminants could also lurk in these items, making them a hazard to consumer health.

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1 Comment

Mad Dabber
Mad Dabber
Dec 21, 2022

They had a whole shop setup, who rats out and edible shop? That's dirty

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