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Olivia Newton-John's Husband Reveals Her Dying Wishes

By Hunter Dublin | October 19, 2022

John Easterling has spoken out about his wife Olivia Newton-John's final moments before she passed away. He revealed that her final wish was to have other cancer patients be able to have access to the same treatments as her through the Olivia Newton-John Wellness Centre.

The couple have always argued in favor of cannabis as an alternative or supplementary cancer treatment, and often lobbied to change medical cannabis regulations because of it.

John maintained that use of it "undoubtedly extended Olivia's life and gave her quality of life."

Of the Grease actress' final days, he maintained that she was comfortable and peaceful until the end, stating that she was both "pain free" and "cheerful and joyful."

Easterling has been a voice for Olivia Newton-John and has also continued to carry out her mission and fulfill her wishes. He is continuing to fight for better access to cancer treatments, in honor of his late wife.


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