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North Carolina Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Senate and Goes to House - Future May Be In Jeopardy

By Hunter Dublin | June 13, 2022

North Carolinians will be able to legally smoke marijuana for medical purposes after the state Senate passed legislation on Monday evening. The bill received overwhelming bipartisan support by a 36-7 margin, with no debate between votes. It looks set for House approval before this year's primary work session as it adjourns soon. Though chances appear long there, too given, Speaker Tim Moore said that the issue may wait until next year.

The legislation establishes a system in which a qualified physician can prescribe cannabis to someone suffering from more than a dozen "debilitating medical diseases," such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, or post-traumatic stress disorder. The state Department of Health and Human Services would provide a registration card to users or carers.

A new state commission would grant ten medicinal cannabis supplier licenses, each license allowing for up to eight sales locations. Up to five independent testing laboratories would be authorized to examine marijuana and associated items sold. Given the requisite rule-making and licensing, it will be some time before sales commence under the law.

The bill's sponsor, Sen. Bill Rabon of Brunswick County, has said that it underwent years on the road to success with help from other states' successes and failures alike — providing some strict oversight in this country while also helping those who are suffering lawfully.


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