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New Legislative Proposal in Minnesota Seeks to Double Cannabis Plant Cultivation Limit for Medical Patients

A recent initiative presented in the Minnesota House of Representatives aims to expand the cultivation capacity for medical cannabis patients within the state, as per CBS News. This legislative proposal would permit those enrolled in the state's medical cannabis program to cultivate as many as 16 cannabis plants.

Presently, under Minnesota legislation, any individual over the age of 21 is permitted to grow a maximum of eight cannabis plants, with only four of these allowed to be in the flowering stage simultaneously.

The new proposal intends to increase this limit, specifically catering to the needs of medical cannabis patients. Moreover, it introduces the provision for these patients to appoint caregivers who can undertake the cultivation on their behalf. Representative Jessica Hanson highlighted the current barriers faced by patients, pointing out the challenges related to knowledge, financial capacity, personal health, or living conditions that might prevent them from growing cannabis independently.

Hanson emphasized the importance of accessibility, stating,

"As it currently stands, individuals with disabilities and other qualifying conditions for the medical program are only able to cultivate their own cannabis if they possess the know-how, financial resources, and if their health or living circumstances permit, or if they have acquaintances generous enough to share homegrown products."

Since its inception in 2014, Minnesota's medical cannabis program has accepted individuals with 19 specific qualifying conditions, including but not limited to cancer, chronic pain, and post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). Additionally, while the policy permitting the use of cannabis for adults came into effect last year, the establishment of a commercial market for adult-use cannabis in Minnesota is anticipated to take place no earlier than the following year.

In a related development, the state's cannabis regulators have recently implemented new limitations on hemp-derived cannabinoid products. This decision followed an investigation that discovered a significant number of these products, sold at hemp retail locations, contained delta-9 THC levels surpassing the legally allowed threshold. This move underscores the state's ongoing efforts to ensure the safety and regulation of cannabis and its derivatives within its jurisdiction.


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