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Man Tries to Swallow Joint, Throws Marijuana Out of Car During Police Chase in Monroe County

By: Marie Scarci | January 9, 2023

In Monroe County, a man was arrested in the early hours of this morning following a high-speed pursuit. Police say he attempted to dispose of the marijuana by tossing it from an open car door and even went as far as attempting to swallow a joint during the chase.

Early Monday morning, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office was on alert as they were about to serve an active arrest warrant. Their attention quickly shifted when a car believed to be connected with the subject drove by their location.

Deputies attempted to initiate a traffic stop on S. Fairfax Road and S. Walnut Street Pike, but the suspect refused to comply with their request for the driver to pull over.

During a police pursuit, the driver took dramatic measures to get rid of an illegal substance - opening his car door and attempting to discard marijuana onto S. Walnut Street.

After deploying a set of spikes, law enforcement agents successfully stopped an escaping vehicle in its tracks as both front tires deflated.

An unexpected surprise unfolded as police took custody of Stephen Bell, 54, the driver of the car. It turns out that he wasn't even connected to the vehicle or the person who was the original target of the arrest warrant.

In a bizarre turn of events, Bell was taken to the hospital after attempting to swallow what authorities believe was an illicit “marijuana cigarette” during his capture. His release from medical care came quickly and he has since been booked into Monroe County Jail.

Bell is facing a range of charges, from resisting law enforcement to possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. In addition he was charged with obstruction of justice, dealing a controlled substance and reckless driving.

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