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Major Marijuana Bust at Fresno Gardening Store: Over 800 Plants Confiscated

In a significant law enforcement operation, Fresno's Gro More Garden Supply, a well-known gardening store, was found to be harboring an extensive illegal cannabis cultivation. This discovery occurred during a meticulously planned raid on Tuesday.

Authorities from the City of Fresno Attorney’s Office conducted a search warrant at the warehouse, which primarily functioned as a garden supply distributor. The operation led to the confiscation of 811 unregistered cannabis plants and a substantial quantity of illicit marijuana, weighing in the hundreds of pounds.

Additionally, the store faced scrutiny for electrical hazards, prompting Pacific Gas and Electric to disconnect power due to safety concerns. This was among several other regulatory breaches, including unauthorized structural modifications.

Fresno City Attorney Andrew Janz emphasized the city's commitment to curbing illegal cannabis cultivation. He stated, “Our relentless efforts to dismantle unlawful grow operations safeguard the integrity of the legal cannabis market. Offenders flouting the law will face stringent penalties and criminal charges.”

The crackdown follows the joint announcement by Janz and Attorney General Rob Bonta five months prior, introducing the Cannabis Administrative Prosecution Program. This initiative specifically targets illegal operations in smoke shops.

Tuesday's operation was a collaborative effort involving the Fresno Police, State of California Department of Cannabis Control, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. Their combined efforts highlight the ongoing commitment to regulating and enforcing cannabis-related activities in the state.


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