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Major League Baseball Designates Charlotte's Web as the League's "Official CBD."

by Hunter Dublin | October 18, 2022

According to CNBC, Major League Baseball (MLB) has entered into an exclusive multi-year agreement with Charlotte's Web Holdings Inc. to designate the company as the "Official CBD of Major League Baseball." It is the first agreement between a CBD business and one of the four prominent professional sports organizations in the United States.

MLB declared in June that teams might start offering sponsorships for CBD products. Previously, CBD sponsorships were only permitted by NASCAR and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). According to MLB regulations, all goods up for sponsorship must first pass a National Sports Federation (NSF) THC threshold analysis, proving there are no detectable quantities of THC. NSF has granted certification to Daily Edge, one of Charlotte's Web's tincture products.

Its bottle will bear the MLB emblem when the product is made available.

In June, Noah Garden, the MLB's Chief Revenue Officer, stated that the organization had been watching the CBD category "for a while" and had been waiting for it to "grow to the point" where it was acceptable to the league.

While MLB is the first league to collaborate with a CBD firm, other American athletes, such as former National Football League tight end Rob Gronkowski, Megan Rapinoe of the U.S. Women's National Team, and the Richard Childress NASCAR team, have established their own CBD brands or signed sponsorship agreements.

Before this, Charlotte's Web collaborated with Angel City FC of the National Women's Soccer League.


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