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In November, Voters in Killeen Texas, Will Vote on Cannabis Decriminalization.

By Hunter Dublin | July 29, 2022

Voters in Killeen, Texas, will decide in November whether to legalize cannabis inside municipal borders, according to 6 News. After unanimously voting against enacting the reforms, the City Council resolved to submit the subject to voters.

If the proposal is accepted, the Killeen Police Department will no longer be able to utilize cannabis odor as probable cause for a search and seizure, with personal possession limited to 4 ounces.

More than 2,500 neighbors signed a petition disseminated by Ground Game Texas, which has spearheaded similar initiatives in Austin and Denton.

Julie Oliver, the co-founder of Ground Game Texas, told 6 News prior to the council meeting that she preferred putting the subject to a vote.

The movement by Texas cities and municipalities to approve cannabis laws coincides with Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller's (R) efforts to implement statewide cannabis regulations. Miller urged for the expansion of medicinal cannabis in the state and the repeal of prohibition in a July 15 op-ed, noting that "cannabis prohibition arose from a position of fear, not from medical research or an understanding of societal damage."

"Unfortunately," he added, "the origins of this stemmed from a history of racism, classism, and a big central authority with an authoritarian ambition to control others." "It has the most anti-American beginnings imaginable."

On July 23, Miller went on Inside Texas Politics and stated that if medicinal cannabis will "cure a toothache," he is "for it."

"This is about liberty." "It's about less regulation," he explained on Inside Texas Politics. "It's about less government. It's about having autonomy over your doctor and getting the government out of your life. Definitely, as a result, I believe it is a conservative problem."

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, on the other hand, is opposed to the measures (R).


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