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Guns, Pot, and Mushrooms Discovered During Hunt for Suspect in West Deer PA

In an unexpected twist of events, West Deer police recently uncovered a vast black market operation within their own community. After Westmoreland County deputies asked to search his home while searching for another man on the run, homeowner Richard Andrew “Trey” Darrah, 20, of Plant Street, agreed to allow the deputies to search his home. Authorities quickly discovered a large quantity of THC cartridges along with magic mushrooms and several pounds of marijuana. Police say Darrah admitted to buying the marijuana and other illicit items to sell.

The 20-year-old, who is being detained at Allegheny County has been charged with multiple drug offenses. Five felony counts of possession with intent and an additional six related misdemeanors have led to bail being denied at his arraignment hearing and his preliminary hearing set for March 15.

The criminal complaint written by police states that West Deer police were called to the home of Darrah on February 17 by Westmoreland County sheriff's deputies, who were searching for a separate man they had an arrest warrant for.

Deputies were invited in by Darrah to search his home after they suspected a man was hiding inside. To their surprise, upon entering the basement, police found controlled substances and drug-related items in a hidden room. Deputies state in the complaint that they knocked on the door they found in the basement and the door came open revealing the cache of drugs.

After Darrah refused the West Deer police permission to search his house, officers then obtained a warrant. They uncovered nearly 1000 THC cartridges as well as several large bags of marijuana in the basement. Further investigation yielded containers filled with cannabis concentrates such as wax and crumble along with psychedelic mushrooms also being found.

Authorities did not announce how much cannabis was recovered but the complaint states that 14 empty one-pound bags were found. Police discovered a cache of drug paraphernalia as well, including 90 marijuana pipes and grinders, scales, bag sealer as well as packaging materials during the search.

The complaint also states that Darrah asked for some of the glass bongs to be returned to him because they had sentimental value but the officers declined his requests.

Police said they uncovered two safes during the search of Darrah's home. Police were shocked to find in the safe an AK-47 Rifle, and an AM-15 .223 rifle and they also recovered another AM-15 rifle and a 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun from his bedroom.

According to the complaint, the second safe contained over $2,000 in cash, a Louis Vuitton belt, and a watch. It also states that when police asked Darrah about the drugs he told them he paid $6,000 to buy 500 THC cartridges to resell.

In a statement to police, Darrah revealed that he habitually purchases around three pounds of marijuana and then resells it at $200 an ounce according to the complaint. Darrah continued to tell officers how he learned to grow mushrooms on Youtube and sells them for about $200 an ounce as well.

Darrah revealed to authorities that he had purchased illegal drugs from John, a kid in another county whom he met thru another friend. He also told authorities that he didn't know John's last name and they always met in parking lots to make their transactions according to the complaint.

Darrah told police he sells the drugs to people in various different locations such as Hampton West Deer, East Deer, Richland, Harmar, Frazer, and Tarentum according to his arrest papers.


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