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Found in the Apartment of a Former EOSC Instructor were Cocaine, Marijuana, and Human Remains.

by Hunter Dublin | September 23, 2022

Authorities detained a former instructor at Eastern Oklahoma State College (EOSC) after discovering marijuana and cocaine in his apartment. According to the Eastern Oklahoma State College Police Department, authorities also discovered a human jawbone in residence.

Bryan Denny, an EOSC instructor and CLEET-certified EOSC PD investigator, was accused of illegally removing a corpse, possessing marijuana, and having cocaine with the intent to distribute.

An attorney named Breken Wagner is defending Denny. He claimed that Denny had been a longtime lecturer and member of the police force. According to the college, the accused was no longer working as an instructor as of September 5.

The EOSC PD reported that two college directors conducting safety checks on all college student/resident apartments contacted them on August 31.

They reported to the police that Denny appeared tense while his residence was being inspected. A "marijuana rolling tray" was allegedly moved by him from the living area to the restroom, according to them. They also reported to the police that the flat smelled like marijuana.

The EOSC PD created a search warrant for the apartment and had a judge from the Choctaw Nation sign it knowing that Denny is a tribal member.

On September 7, EOSC PD, Wilburton Police, and Choctaw National Tribal Police carried out a search warrant to Denny's apartment. Denny wasn't in the house at the time.

They detected a pungent smell while looking around. Authorities claimed to have discovered a green liquid on a coffee table that resembled a marijuana shake. A pipe containing a material that ultimately tested positive for marijuana was also discovered.

Authorities discovered a brown paper bag as they searched further. A quart-sized plastic bag with four smaller plastic bags containing a white powdery substance was inside the paper bag. The powder tested in the field tested positive for cocaine. The authorities didn't stop and continued their search after Denny was taken into custody.

And unexpectedly, they discovered a plastic case in a laundry cupboard inside a bedroom. When investigators examined the case, five rotting teeth were discovered in what appeared to be a human jawbone. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), which provided a picture of the jawbone, acknowledged that it was human remains.

Three firearms—a.22 Henry semi-auto rifle, a 12 GA Remington 870 pump action shotgun, and a.50 Cal Thompson Center muzzleloader with scope—were also removed from the apartment along with the evidence.

On September 9, Denny was freed from custody after posting a $20,000 bond. He added that they've entered a plea in the case and that Denny was released on bond. Wagner stated, "My client has entered a not-guilty plea to each count.

Denny claimed the charges were "backlash" and that he was not trafficking narcotics, but he did not provide any other details. Although Denny's preliminary hearing has not yet been scheduled, it will likely happen soon.


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