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Drake Posts Video of Stockholm Arrest to Social Media

By: Marie Scarci | January 2, 2023

Photo Credit: Shot by Drew

It appears Drake has finally revealed the truth about his alleged arrest in Sweden last July, confirming reports that he was indeed detained.

International reports surfaced of Canadian hip-hop artists' alleged detention in Stockholm over allegations of cannabis use. Representatives for the rapper quickly denied these claims and provided no further comment on the matter.

This past weekend, Drake sparked buzz on social media as a video clip posted to his Instagram showed the rapper being transported in handcuffs by police officers. The post generated speculation that this is from the incident back in July.

July's incident stemmed from reports of drug use at Drake's private party in Stockholm caused police to investigate. Officers noted a strong smell of cannabis when the rapper and his bodyguard left a washroom inside Berns, an upscale restaurant and club where he was hosting the celebration.

Drake, the multi-Grammy award-winning artist, and his bodyguard were detained by authorities after being accused of drug use as well as possession of a knife. The two were taken to Norrmalm police station.

After spending the night in a Hollywood jail, hip-hop star Drake and his bodyguard were set free. The singer was released without charges in the morning; however, his unnamed bodyguard wasn't freed until later that day.

Here's the link to the video below:


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