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Does Marijuana Prevent Covid?

Chronic Staff | March 10, 2022

Does Marijuana Prevent Covid?

You're genuinely a real one for being curious about this topic - we sure do! Asking the right questions right there, huh?!

Marijuana and Covid are polar opposites. The former puts you to sleep while the other keeps you awake - that's tough! Hate to break it to you, but COVID shoved itself on our throats and acted like a complete bully for these past few years.

Good thing we were able to contain this virus in the shortest time possible - yay for technology - and especially our hardworking medical professionals out there!

Anyway, a not-so-secret news flash came in hot - boiling heat like the arid desert of Sahara - bone-dry, baking temperature, ice-cream melting humidity. Most of us here don't want to be involved in an affair involving covid. It's a thorny topic, to be honest.

But, hey, we're just curious how can Cannabis alleviate the effects, or rather, prevent Covid? Is there solid evidence that Marijuana can cure or mitigate covid effects?

Well, whatcha say 'bout the hype-fest surrounding this narrative? I hope it's not all hype, though. Cannabis has a lot of potential. Off we go, and let's dive in.

Can Marijuana Cure Covid?

A recent study made by a group of Medical Professionals suggested that Marijuana has a non-psychoactive compound capable of treating or preventing COVID. However, this requires more research and investigation with rigorous clinical trials. Their study mentioned Cannabidiol as the crucial component posing great potential against COVID.

CBD or Cannabidiol, as we mentioned above, is the non-psychoactive compound in Cannabis.

As successful as this case might be, it's still a big hurdle to overcome. Since many other prospective COVID medicines showed promise in test tubes, ranging from hydroxychloroquine to different cancer and other illness medications, they eventually failed to demonstrate a benefit for COVID-19 patients when evaluated in human trials.

How Does it Work?

If test tube trials work, how about human trials?

First, it's hard to find patients or people who want to participate in clinical trials. That's why most of the studies and results procured are laboratory-controlled conditions.

In laboratory research, Marsha Rosner of the University of Chicago led a team discovering CBD appeared to help reduce SARS-CoV-2 in infected cells.

Rosner and colleagues discovered that CBD didn't prevent Coronavirus from infecting human cells. But, rather, it responded quickly after the virus entered our system, just like what a previous study found. This prevents the Coronavirus from replicating itself through effects on the inflammatory protein interferon.

I forgot to mention that even the slightest and smallest amount of THC might jeopardize the efficacy of CBD. Also, THC's participation is now welcome because it doesn't have the capabilities to treat or prevent Covid - it exacerbates the condition. Hence, the CBD must be willing to go solo with this one.

Does Marijuana Increase Your Chances of Contracting Covid?

Unfortunately, it's not always gold and glitters for Cannabis. Some study has also suggested the other way. A recent study discovered links between cannabis use and Covid-19 infection.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Western Australia, examined cannabis usage in the United States to Covid-19 infection rates and discovered that the two were connected, with cannabis use associated with a higher risk of the illness. According to the study's authors, cannabis usage is a risk factor for Covid-19, and "Cannabis, therefore, joins tobacco as a SARS2-CoV-2 risk factor."

Other experts, however, have criticized this study, which has yet to be peer-reviewed, claiming it doesn't teach us anything about the linkages between Cannabis and covid.

Studies and the Beneficiaries

Our recent experience with the COVID-19 has been a major source of concern for public and mental health systems worldwide. As with Cannabis users and Medical Marijuana advocates, identifying risk categories is critical for developing preventative and treatment methods. During the COVID-19 epidemic, there was an upsurge in psychotropic drugs, especially Cannabis, during the lockdown.

When backed by research, patients will put their complacency and confidence when it matters most, especially on times when it's a matter of life and death.

Cannabis is nothing grand but a simple preventive alliance awaiting to be tapped.


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