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David Ortiz, a Baseball Hall of Famer, Launched His Own Cannabis Brand.

Papi Cannabis Launches Cambridge, MA - July 27: David Ortiz launched a new cannabis line with Rev Brands called Papi Cannabis. (Photo by Erin Clark/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

By Therin Miller | August 8th, 2022

The recent turn of events welcomed the former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz with his announcement of the debut of his new firm Papi Cannabis and product Sweet Sluggers blunts on July 27, only days after being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

"Cannabis has helped me relax, sleep better, handle stress, and recuperate physically after a career of playing ball," Ortiz said.

Ortiz retired in 2016 after 14 years with the Red Sox and four World Series victories (2004, 2007, 2013). His 19-year career had 541 home runs, 1,768 RBI, and a 0.286 batting average.

Sweet Sluggers is Papi Cannabis' first product to hit the market. Instead of tobacco, they're produced using tea leaves and hemp paper. Alexandra Ortiz, Ortiz's daughter, created the packaging. "I love pre-rolled blunts, and these are special to me because I was able to collaborate with Alexandra on the beautiful artwork for the container," he claimed.

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In Massachusetts, Papi is collaborating with Rev Brands. Sweet Sluggers will be available beginning July 29 at Bay State retailers such as Holyoke Cannabis. Black Mamba #7, Lava Cake #7, Motorbreath #15, and Bootylicious #4 are the strains used in the blunts.

Hash-oil-infused pre-rolled blunts, a vape cartridge, an edible made with free-trade Dominican chocolate, a medicinal salve, and a one-hitter made of hand-carved Guayacan wood are also in the works.

"I'm not new to the magic of cannabis," he says on his website. "I collaborate with my collaborators to choose flowers that will generate the potency and effect I have consistently endeavored to offer."

Ortiz started smoking marijuana "later in life" to deal with stress, worry, and physical issues. It is unknown whether he smoked before or after games. Fans who missed Ortiz's power-hitting performances are likely familiar with him via his Fox pre- and post-game remarks.

In 2019, he was shot in the Dominican Republic, where he was born in 1975, disrupting his broadcasting work and life. Ortiz was released from the hospital after two medical procedures, 17 days after the incident.

While Dominican officials blamed the killing on a Mexican drug gang, an independent investigator hired by Ortiz found the hit was ordered by Dominican drug lord Cesar Peralta. Peralta was extradited to the United States in 2021. Ortiz is said to have been seeing a lady connected to Peralta.

"We were neighbors for four years," Peralta said in March, "and I have never been with any of David's ladies, and David has never been engaged with any of mine."


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