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Cool Weed Grinders - 8 MUST Haves to Add to Your Stock Pile

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

By Hunter Dublin | The Chronic Magazine

Cool weed grinder - black grinder with kief laying next to it on white surface
Cool Weed Grinder

What Does it Mean to Have Cool Weed Grinders?

Having high-quality and cool weed grinders is a must-have tool whether you like using packing bowls or rolling joints to hold weed. Ideally, a good weed grinder can elevate your work sessions from good to wonderful. Be sure to get the most out of your weed stash by placing it in a grinder with sharp teeth that completely slice and dice dry weed to make fluffy mounds.

You can even get some grinders with mesh screens that sift out chunks while preserving the potent pollen, also known as kief. Some that have integrated storage units ensure that no single amount of the weed goes to waste. Well, weed experts will confirm that the darkness is in the details!

Now that you know the basic need for a weed grinder, you must be interested in having one, especially if you are licensed to handle unrefined weed. Here are some of the best weed grinders in the market. You can easily find them on Amazon, and they got the most positive reviews, which means their value is assured. And if you don't think they are being used for weed just read the reviews.

Here are 8 Cool Grinders You Need to Get Your Hands On

Cool Weed Grinder - Tactonic9

The Tactonic9 weed grinder manually grinds and automatically dispenses ground weed with maximum convenience. It gives out perfectly ground weed without twisting efforts to open the grinder. With this grinder, you will only press a single button, activating a powerful electric motor that dispenses the inserted weed through a spout.

Its portability makes outdoor grinding possible. Worry less when you don't have a table or tray for collecting ground weed. You can use the cleverly fitted magnetic flip spout to position the aim accurately. This feature makes the grinder a valuable companion for rolling cones.

Weed securely accumulates behind a slidable gate that is powered by strong magnets, and every compartment has a LED lighted window to enable you to check the weed quantity. Durability is exceptional and assures you a smooth space-grade anodized aluminum alloy body. The grinder also features a textured grinding grip and a sleek matt finish. It has a user-friendly interface with one button that makes rolling easier.

Kingtop Cool Weed Grinder - black weed grinder

The KINGTOP cool weed grinder is among the largest grinders in the market and comes in varied colors to suit customer preferences. It is fitted with 45 sharp diamond teeth that ensure smooth and consistent grinding.

A larger grinding chamber capable of holding more weed while at work. This is enough to even grind small industry weed or weed for a small group.

The features make it simple to use. First is the rough sedge for a firm grip when opening and closing the lid; then there is the magnetic lid to help reduce spilling while grinding weed. In-made glide rings and super sharp teeth make grinding smoother.

KINGTOP assures you full support with one year warranty to handle any manufacturing errors. Friendly and quick customer service helps you solve most of the product's problems quickly.

cool knight - cool weed grinders

The COOLKNIGHT Herb grinder is among the top cool weed grinders with a larger capacity and can complete grinding of about 120 grams in just 10 seconds. It is designed with a visual lid to allow you to manage the coarse and fineness of grinding with just one hand. It will take about 5 seconds for the coarse grinding and about 15 seconds for fine grinding.

It is designed with safety features and a simple one-button operation. You only need to push down a power operation, with the lid serving as the main switch. A gentle press on the lid will turn the grinder on, and it will only stop when you remove your hand. For controlled coarseness and softness, you can keep switching the time length of holding the lid and removing your hands.

The inner space is made of refined stainless steel, while the blades are made of sharp, durable stainless steel. These blades are sharp and allow for 360-degree direction, ensuring you get perfectly refined weed.

Its power cord is easily detachable, allowing you to store the grinder when not in use and create space for other items. Cleaning is easy as you get a high-quality cleaning brush that you can use after every grinding session.

Mamba Electric weed grinder - cool weed grinders

This grinder is suitable for even the smallest oily and dense weed pinch. Dispense your favorite product 8 times faster from the grinder that is powered by a battery and extra sharp teeth. This cool weed grinder is designed with one metallic handle and a space that can hold up to one gram of weed.

The battery power automatically turns the offset sharp teeth made of aluminum alloy to start cutting and gridding the herbs inserted. All you need is to alternate the rocker switch in forward and backward directions to produce a smoothly textured end product and prevent clogs. This is one of the few cool grinders designed to unlock the herb's flavor, potency, and distinctive aroma just by pressing one button.

Joytop cool weed grinders

The 2.5-inch JOYTOP grinder is aesthetically painted with patterns of the boho tree of life. This large space offers a great allowance for holding more weeds and herbs when you are grinding. On the other side, the tree pattern adds beauty and a natural weed feels to the grinder. It also adds a sense of beauty and color to your kitchen grinding space.

28 aluminum and diamond-edged teeth and 24 grinding holes make the entire grinding process easy. The neodymium magnet lid keeps it firmly closed, prevents unnecessary spills, and ensures an odor is enclosed within the grinder.

A high-quality micron mesh screen is fitted in the grinder chambers to filter out the delicious kief, which is usually collected using a kief scraper. Cleaning the grinder with the available cleaning brush.

sunseeke cool weed grinders

The Sunseeke grinder offers a superior experience with blades that feature 6 ultra-sharp teeth for shredding weed and other herbs into a fine fiber. They are able to grind effortlessly with assured consistency.

It is designed to expertly mill and grind herbs without any hassle from your side and offer a fine smooth end product that you can roll or can easily. It is designed to handle hard-dried herbs and wet green and sticky pieces, all in just a few minutes.

A rechargeable battery can be used for several weeks without recharging, and you can be sure of perfect blade rotations every time you use this special equipment.


Otto - cool weed grinders

This is the only automatic grinding machine produced by the OTTO BANANA BROS company. You simply have to touch a power button and get your herbs milled within minutes. Be assured if super grinding results in no air pockets and spill wastes.

Typically, this battery-powered OTTO mill perfectly mimics human grinding through its AI in the sense that the density and consistency of grinding are done expertly. This super machine automatically changes direction, speed, and pressure to mill herbs uniformly and gives fluffy grinds every time. The grinder comes with travel cups, snap caps, fresh seal tubes, and extra cleaning items. A USB charging cable is made available to charge the battery before leaving for outdoor grinding.

Chiimonda - cool weed grinders

The CHIIMONDA electric herb grinder is highly efficient and easy to use with the one-touch power design. It is four times more efficient compared to most traditional manual grinders. Put your weed in the grinder and press the power button for just a few seconds, and you will get refined and well-crushed weed.

This super-large grinder can hold up to 100 ml of weed or other herbs. You are sure to grind more herbs at one time.

The compact size makes it portable and easy to move with it around. This compact size also makes the grinder suitable for grinding spices and other kitchen ingredients.

The grinding bowl is transparent, allowing you to observe the coarseness of the herbs and ensure they are in the best texture you desire. Even though it has a large holding capacity, it is important to put in substances in a specific quantity so that it works more easily. Too little herbs may not be grounded effectively.

It is absolutely safe and is graded as a quality food-grade grinder. It operates only when the lid is closed to avoid spills and air pollution. Surprisingly, the grinder turns off immediately when the lid is opened.

Use tweezers to remove blades and install them back to avoid injuries when cleaning.

Made of superior siliconet, ABS material, and stainless steel, the CHIIMODA grinder is rust-resistant, durable, waterproof, and super powerful. You are assured of its durability and effective functionality for over six years.

Final Thoughts on these Cool Grinders

Grinding weed makes it finer and easy to fold or pack. You need a cool weed grinder like the ones mentioned above to keep your weed perfectly ground without inputting a lot of effort. Most of these grinders are one-handled, easy to use, and designed to avoid spills and spreading weed odor all over the grinding space. Cleaning the grinders after use will help them last longer to ensure they are fit to serve you for several years.


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