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Chillums: How to Use Them and What Are They?

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Want a better smoking experience than a chillum pipe, one hitter, or glass pipes might be exactly what you are looking for.

Chillums or One Hitters: What Are They and How to Use Them

By Therin Miller | The Chronic Magazine

What is a Chillum and it's Origin

A Chillum is a straight-shot pipe that is used for smoking marijuana. It is usually made out of clay, stone, borosilicate glass or wood and has a long stem usually a few inches long with a small front-loaded bowl on one end and the other end is either closed off or has a hole for sucking air. Chillums are the perfect choice for people who want to smoke marijuana discreetly because they are small, convenient, and easy to conceal.

A chillum is an Indian conical pipe used for ritual smoking of cannabis or hashish. It consists of a small bowl on one end and a tube-like structure on the other, with openings at each end. This allows smoke to enter through one end and be exhaled from the other.

Chillums have been used in India since the 18th century, when they were made of clay or soft stone and used by Hindu monks. The term "chillum" likely comes from the Hindi word "cilam," which means "pipe." Later, British colonists brought chillums to Europe in the 19th century and they became popular among artists and intellectuals of the time.

Today, many smokers still find chillums appealing for their easy use and minimal setup requirements. Simply place the bowl end in your mouth and light up your substance of choice; then inhale through the mouthpiece. With its portability and convenience, it's no wonder why chillums are still sought after today.

The history of chillum use is long and fascinating. Even though they were originally created as part of religious rituals, they eventually spread around the world as a convenient way to smoke both tobacco and cannabis products. No matter how you choose to use them, chillums are a beloved part of smoking culture that has stayed with us for centuries.

Chillums vs Pipe

The difference between a chillum and a hand pipe is that a hand pipe has a bigger bowl whereas a chillum has a bowl on one end and the other end is either closed off or has a hole for sucking air. Hand pipes are larger than chillums and are better for people who want a little longer smoking sesh.

How do you clean a chillum?

Chillums are simple to use and easy to carry, making them a popular choice for smokers looking for a quick hit on the go. The downside to chillums, however, is that they need to be cleaned more often than any other glass piece pipes because resin builds up quickly in the small bowl and stem. To clean chillum pipes, use a pipe cleaner or a Q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

Smoking Experience with a Chillum

Chillum glass pipes is a type of pipe traditionally used by Hindu monks or holy men in India. It is typically made from a piece of natural materials such as clay or wood. Chillums or one hitters can also be made from metal, glass, or even plastic. One of the main benefits of using chillums is that it produces a very smooth experience. The smoke is cool and easy on the throat, making it ideal for novice smokers or those experienced smokers that may be sensitive to smoke. Additionally, chillums are easy to clean and can be reused many times. For these reasons, chillums are becoming increasingly popular among smokers around the world.

How to use a one hitter chillum?

Unlike some other types of glass pipes, chillums do not have a bowl for holding tobacco or other materials. Instead, they consist of a straight tube with a small hole at one end. To smoke from a chillum, smokers first need to pack their dry herb into the end of the pipe. Once the material is packed tightly, the smoker then ignites the one-hitter with one hand while holding the pipe between the ring finger and pinky finger of the other hand and the user inhales slowly through the mouthpiece of the pipe as the herb is burning.

Thanks to their simple design, chillums are easy to use and can be smoked without any special equipment. However, it does take a little practice, beginners may want to start with a small chillum to get accustomed to the smoking process.

11 Best Chillums to Buy

Here are the best Chillums or one-hitters that you can start with they have great ratings, and great prices, and the fact that you can buy them all from amazon ensures you will get great service.

NOTE: because Amazon doesn't like to knowingly sell marijuana-related products you will notice that these items may have a little bit of a different name or description BUT look at the customer photos.

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  • Keep smoke out of eyes and hair - smelly fingers will not be an issue anymore

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  • holders are handcrafted by glass-blowing masters in Europe with attention to the smallest details. Every piece is unique and no two are the same

  • Long and made on 16mm tubing.

  • Its extra-thick restrictions trap ash and ripple light, giving the impression of color and depth

  • Its mouthpiece is ergonomically designed

  • No accessories or water are necessary for using this hand pipe

  • Special Wooden Style Ornament

  • Made of walnut and glass

  • Package: 2 piece

  • Since each walnut is unique, please allow some differences from the picture

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  • The metal head is made of brass, the color is good-looking and not easy to corrode, and the wooden material is high-quality huanghuali wood with its own natural texture

  • The borosilicate glass is not too thick so it does not retain heat and the chillum cup is deeper than standard.

  • The cap keeps your product in place, be sure to allow the glass to cool before replacing the cap which is a soft rubber.

  • Length is 4.06 inch / 103mm; Width is 0.47 inch / 12mm

  • Easy to clean with the included brush - the simple tool does its job

  • Suitable for social occasions

  • Fully reusable and tucked in a shirt pocket or bag

  • This chillums - one hitter is next level and wow your friends plus reduces smoke staining on hands

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  • 10 one-hitters, small pipes made of high-quality glass, exquisite and durable.

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  • Thick glass

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If you're looking for a smoother smoking experience, then we recommend trying out chillums. Made of high-quality glass, these tubes are easy to clean and provide a great smoking experience. Whether you're at a party or just relaxing at home, chillums are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite herb. Don't forget to pick up a cleaning brush so that you can keep your tube in top condition!


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