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Buddies Brand, Inc. Partners with The West Coast Music and Television Personality, Xzibit.

Johnny Nunez / Contributor - Getty Images

By Hunter Dublin | July 15, 2022

Buddies Brand, Inc. ("Buddies"), a prominent cannabis brand with products on over 1000 retail menus, announced a strategic agreement with Alvin 'Xzibit' Joiner and his cannabis brand, Napalm.

According to BDSA, the cannabis industry's premier data and analytics source, Buddies cannabis products are rated #8 in the nation for overall sales volume. Currently, Buddies goods are accessible in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Mr. Joiner has been designated Creative Director for the Buddies and Napalm cannabis products as part of the strategic relationship. In this newly-formed alliance, he will use his extensive knowledge to assist with product development and marketing operations.

The relationship also includes a deal for Napalm products to be made at Buddies' production plant in Redding, California, and marketed by NABIS, the top regulated cannabis wholesale platform in the world's largest legal cannabis market.

"This agreement allows Napalm to further streamline and expedite product development, vertically integrate, and provide much higher level distribution to our retail partners," said Alvin 'Xzibit' Joiner, Founder of Napalm cannabis products.

"West Coast cannabis buyers like Buddies goods, and this collaboration of two powerful brands, plus NABIS for distribution, will propel us to new heights and help Napalm expand into new areas."

Napalm cannabis products are now accessible in California, with aspirations to grow nationally via a strategic partnership with Buddies.

"We've worked extremely hard to establish Buddies into one of the most consistent, popular, and in-demand brands on the West Coast," said Buddies President Byran Cochran. "This collaboration with Xzibit and Napalm unifies and improves the strengths of both of our companies." We're really enthusiastic about Alvin's work ethic and love for cannabis and music, especially when paired with our award-winning products, team, and strategic partners."


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