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BREAKING: Police Search for Person Connected to Quadruple Murder on Oklahoma Pot Farm

By: Buz Deliere | November 21, 2022

Photo Credit: KOCO

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI)is currently involved in an investigation that has been requested by the Kingfisher County Sheriff's Office. So far, four people have been reported killed and one injured at this time after an apparent hostage situation in a small town near Hennessey.

Police were called to the farm on Sunday night, following reports that hostages had been taken. Once on scene, they discovered that four victims have been shot and killed and a fifth seriously injured.

The search for a suspect is now underway, with law enforcement issuing an arrest warrant but not yet identifying him publicly. The deaths have been treated as murder until further notice from authorities

Sheriff Dennis Banther said, “We’ve begun the process of figuring out where he may have gone to.”

The murders of five people, all Asians with involvement in the Oklahoma cannabis industry, appear to have been motivated by an internal dispute between two groups, rather than random violence.

Sheriff Banther went on to say that they called in the OSBI immediately for help with interviews and to help investigate the large crime scene.

No suspect information has been released at this time but this case is being treated as a quadruple homicide by local law enforcement.

Capt. Stan Florence of OSBI had this to say “They all know each other, don’t know if they’re related, don’t know if they’re co-workers but certainly these individuals, we believe, were all familiar with each other."

The names or ages haven't been released of the victims yet but OSBI has confirmed that the victims are both men and women.

The murders took place somewhere on the ten-acre farm but investigators haven't specified the exact location at this time.

“There are different housing units around. It appears there are people who live on the grounds here and work here," Florence went on to say about the farm.

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) will be joining the investigation to confirm whether or not this was a legal operation.

Not much more information is available at this time other than law enforcement says they have a suspect in mind and are currently on the hunt for him.


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