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Baton Rouge Couple Caught Smuggling 200 Pounds of Marijuana in California

By: Marie Scarci | January 16, 2023

Photo Credit: WBRZ

In a shocking bust, police arrested two individuals from Baton Rouge and seized an astonishing 200+ pounds of marijuana. The bust has ignited concern about illicit drug activity across the city.

Last Sunday night, Redding Police Department officers noticed a vehicle that looked suspicious at a gas station - and the passengers only began to act suspicious once they saw the police. It's certainly left authorities on high alert and curious about the passenger's actions.

Officers were shocked by their discovery when they approached the vehicle - several large black bags, whose contents left no room for doubt that it was marijuana.

The Richardson Police Department confiscated an astonishing 215 pounds of marijuana and two handguns during their search.

Law enforcement made two arrests after uncovering the marijuana and firearms; Andrew Williams, 32, was detained for possession of marijuana with the intent to sell as well as being a convicted felon caught handling a gun.

Chantel Knox, 32, also received charges of possession with the intent to sell and possession of a concealed weapon.


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