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The Best At Home THC Test Strips on The Market

By Hunter Dublin | Chronic Magazine

At Home THC Test Strips - At Home Drug Test
At Home THC Test Strips - Single Panel & Full Panel Test Strips

When it comes to high-quality at home thc test strips and detox kits Pass Your Test, has cornered the market. Pass Your Test provides several types of kits for passing your next drug test and their customer service is top-notch. The main advantage is that you receive free shipments if you are in the U.S.A. Pass Your Test is dedicated to ensuring that you reduce the stress about passing a drug test. Pass Your Test has been making the product for over 20 years and based on customer feedback, it is evident that the product works.

The 2 Best Rated at Home THC Test Strips

at home thc test strips
Pass Your Test - At home drug test

Price: $19.95

Home THC test strips are sensitive drug tests. A single Panel THC Kit can detect even the minimal trace of Marijuana. It tests at the industry level of 50 ng/ml, which assures you that you are clean from THC. The kit is easy to use, and you can get the results in 5 minutes at your home. You are guaranteed that the results deliver 99% accuracy.

At Home THC Test Strips Description

· The test kit delivers 99% accurate results.

· The kit is industry standard level for testing THC.

· It can detect tiny traces of THC.

· The kit is sensitive and gives instant results in the comfort of your home.

How to use your at home thc test strips

· Get the kit, remove the cap, and put the strip in a cup with urine. Wait till the ‘C’ line appears to remove the strip from the cup.

· Place the cap back and place it on a flat surface.

· Results are ready in 5 minutes. Be sure to acquire accuracy before 5 minutes.

How to read your at home THC Test.

· If your test is negative, you will notice two lines.

· If your test is positive, you will notice one living next to the 'C' line.

· If your test is invalid, you will not see any visible lines.

To get the home kit, visit Pass Your Test.

At home drug test
Pass Your Test - At home drug test


The home kit helps you test for different THC levels in your urine. The product's main benefit is that the results are instant, and the kit is straightforward. Further, the kit is verified to acquire tests at the industry standard level, THC 50 ng/ml.

At Home Test-o-Meter THC Test Description

· The kit delivers 99% accurate results within a few minutes.

· The test is for home purposes; thus, you must leave the house.

· The kit has more THC test levels, namely 15, 100, 200, and 300 ng\ml

· The kit is among the most sensitive test kits for home usage.

How to use your Test-o-meter THC Home Test Kit

· Put the strip in a cup of urine. Ensure that the cap on the strip is not on.

· Once the line "C" appears, take the strip out of the urine cup.

· Put the cap on the strip and place it on a flat surface.

· Check out for results in five minutes. Stay within 5 minutes to acquire accurate results.

Reading Your Test-o-Meter Results

· When the results are negative, you will notice two lines.

· You notice one line next to the 'C' when the results are positive.

· If the results are invalid, you will not observe any line appearance.

Click Pass Your Test to get the home kit today.

In conclusion, the pass-your-test home kits are the most sensitive in the market. They give accurate results within five minutes. The reviews speak volumes and their customer service is the best when it comes to detox kits and marijuana drug tests.


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