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Alabama's first-ever medical cannabis conference happening this October

The first major cannabis-focused conference in the history of the state is set to be in Birmingham this October.

While medical cannabis was legalized in 2021, there have been delays in making it available to the public. The medical cannabis commission is uncertain about the timeline for its availability.

To ensure everyone is well-informed and prepared for the upcoming production, the event organizers have brought together medical cannabis experts and enthusiasts from all around. They will dive into the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities in the booming medical cannabis industry.

A fun fact: Jennifer Boozer is the proud owner of Alabama's very first store to sell legal cannabis. Exciting times are ahead!

Discover the life-changing power of CBD, according to Boozer, who has overcome years of chronic pain and migraines. As the founder of Cannabama, Boozer not only sells CBD products but also educates customers about their remarkable benefits. Despite not applying to sell medical cannabis, Boozer is passionate about ensuring patients understand the potential advantages.

One remarkable success story involves a customer whose child suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy. By introducing the child to a full-spectrum CBD product, seizures were prevented for a remarkable span of four days.

To learn more about the transformative potential of CBD, join Boozer and 30 other companies at the Alabama Medical Cannabis Conference, hosted by Chey Garrigan and the Alabama Cannabis Industry Association. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the possibilities of CBD and discover a new path to wellness.

"We wanted to create a unified association for everyone involved in the industry to gather and progress together," stated Garrigan.

Despite the current pause in the medical cannabis licensing process, Garrigan is determined to advance the industry by sharing knowledge.

"It is important for industry stakeholders to be aware of one another and be equipped with the necessary funding for this venture," she emphasized.

The conference has been certified by the Alabama Ethics Commission, making it possible for state officials to attend. Garrigan expressed her hope that they take advantage of this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the industry.

You can now register for the conference conveniently online.


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