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According to a Poll, Most Americans Support Biden's Pardons and Want State-level Action.

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

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by Therin Miller | October 18, 2022

A recent YouGov America poll revealed that the majority of Americans—61%—support President Biden's decision to pardon federal convictions for cannabis possession and personal use that were made last week. In addition, in response to a follow-up question from the pollster, 62% of Americans indicated they wanted to see their governors follow suit and grant comprehensive cannabis pardons at the state level.

According to a YouGov survey, while 13% of respondents were undecided, 26% disagreed with the president's decision to pardon federal cannabis convictions. 25% of respondents disapproved of state-level pardons, while 14% were undecided.

In response to a final follow-up question, 51% of respondents said that cannabis should not be classified as a Schedule I drug, while 25% said they were unsure.

The research comes at a time when there is unprecedented support for federal reform of marijuana regulations, with a survey conducted last week finding 60% countrywide support for legalization.

The legalization of cannabis for adult use has already been approved in 19 states, and five more are expected to weigh their legalization initiatives in November.


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