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A Colorado Cannabis Company Has Been Fined $45K For Festival Violations.

by Hunter Dublin | September 8, 2022

According to a report in the Denver Post, a Colorado cannabis company faces $45,000 in fines for violations at the Mile High 420 festival last April. According to city documents obtained by the Post last week, Denver Packaging Co., also known as Keef Brands, admitted to seven violations, including unlawful acts and packaging and labeling violations.

The festival fines are the result of the company having products onsite at the festival, which is a violation of city and event rules. Brooke Bearman, a Denver Department of Excise and License Inspector, said she visited the company's booth during the event and saw products on display, a large advertising sign, and two coolers full of products. According to city documents obtained by the Post, event organizer Adam Schmidt told Bearman that "he had communicated with sponsors that they were not allowed to have any product on site."

When Denver Packaging Co. was informed of the violations, Andrew Veron, the event's owner, removed the products.

Following the incident, the Department of Excise summoned the company on July 21 to explain why its retail and medical MIP manufacturer licenses should not be suspended or revoked. According to the report, the order signed last week allows the company to keep its support.

The company must pay a $15,000 fine immediately, with an additional $30,000 fine suspended for a year in the event of future violations. Denver Packaging Co. has 90 days to pay the penalties.


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