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$336,000 Worth of Marijuana and THC Products Found at Port Huron Business

By: Marie Scarci | January 5, 2023

Port Huron hookah store owner Mohamed Alsan
Photo Credit: St. Clair County Sheriff's Office

A hookah store owner in Port Huron was recently taken into custody after police discovered an estimated treasure trove of marijuana and THC products, valued at a staggering $336,000. This large-scale discovery has left local authorities astounded by the amount seized from the scene.

The St. Clair County Drug Task Force has launched a probe into the alleged sale of THC products to minors at TOP Shelf Hookah on 10th Street, following multiple complaints from local residents.

Authorities discovered over six and a half pounds of cannabis and hundreds of THC edibles during a search of a store on December 21. Among the items seized were 444 packages of gummies, 15 bags full of Cheetos laced with THC oil, 518 single-gram vape cartridges containing marijuana extract, 17 containers of THC concentrate as well as some hard candies also infused with the psychoactive substance.

Police seized an estimated street value of $336,700 worth of products and more than $42,000 in cash during a bust.

Police made an unexpected discovery while searching the home of the suspect on Carleton Street - seizing a 9 mm Glock pistol and what is believed to be a highly toxic compound combination of methamphetamine and fentanyl.

Port Huron authorities apprehended 35-year-old Mohamed Alsan on charges of possession with intent to distribute, maintaining a drug business and house as well as firearms violations.


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