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20 Essential "Wake and Bake" Tweets That We Can All Relate To.

By Therin Miller | August 22, 2022

That Morning "Wake N Bake" ritual is to be cherished and can be one of if not the best high all day. Let's take a look at what other people have to say about this glorious morning ritual.

Every week, we round up the most hilarious hits from stoners on Twitter to puff puff and pass on to you.

1) Adulting sucks...

2) On the weekends... but it's more like 9 or 10am.

3) You can say that again...

4) Best sleep EVER...

5) The choice is yours

6) The more the marrier

7) Better late than never...

8) Sharing is caring

9) You be the judge

10) So much creativity...

11) This is one helluva combination

12) Wait a damn minute...

13) In this order


15) Wish every morning was like this

16) HELLO...

17) Oh I'm smoking tonight for sure...

18) These steps are essential

19) Overthinking can be bad

20) The perfect morning ritual

There are a lot of different morning rituals out there and no right or wrong way. What is your "wake n bake" ritual?

Also, if you liked any of these tweets, click through and give the users a follow!


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