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Canna Berry Chocolate Cupcakes

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

By: Chef Buz Deliere | The Chronic Magazine

Welcome to Chef Buz's raspberry chocolate cupcake recipe!

This tantalizing treat is perfect for any occasion, and with Chef Buz's easy-to-follow instructions, anyone can make these delicious cupcakes at home.

So grab a bag of your favorite herb, twist one up and let's get Cookin’ with a Buz!

Approx. 1 HR

Yields 24 Cupcakes


Cupcake Batter

2 Cups All Purpose flour

¾ Cup Cocoa Powder

¾ tsp Baking Powder

1 tsp Baking Soda

½ tsp Salt

¼ Cup Canna Butter, Softened

½ Cup Butter, Softened

1 ½ Cups Milk

1 ½ Cups Granulated Sugar

2 ¼ tsp Vanilla

3 Eggs

24 Fresh Raspberries, Garnish

½ Cup Red Raspberry Preserves, Smucker’s


This is a quick and basic chocolate cupcake recipe but with a little twist, we will stuff these cupcakes with some preserves and top them with delicious raspberry icing. Let's get started with the cupcake batter.

First let's get the oven preheated to 350, line your cupcake pan with liners and now we can start with the batter. Mix together the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and soda, and salt and combine well.

Next in a mixing bowl mix the two kinds of butter on medium speed while slowly adding in the sugar. Make sure to stop and fold in the sides as needed. Continue to beat until the mixture is fluffy, 2-3 minutes.

Now beat in the eggs, one at a time, making sure each egg is mixed in completely before adding the next one. Now you just need to add the vanilla and beat.

Now back to our flour and cocoa mixture, we will start to add that and about ⅓ of the milk to our butter mixture and beat on low. Then repeat with more flour and milk and beat on low until all ingredients are well combined.

Now spoon the batter into the cupcake liners, filling about ⅔ full. Bake them for about 15-20 minutes, check by poking a toothpick into the center and seeing if it’s clean. Remove from the pan and let cool.

Raspberry Icing

8oz Pack of Philadelphia Cream Cheese

¼ Cup Canna Butter, Softened

¼ Cup Butter, Softened

5 Cups Powdered Sugar

¼ Cup Red Raspberry Preserves, Smucker’s


While that’s cooling we can start making the raspberry icing, in your large mixing bowl beat the cream cheese and butter on medium until light and fluffy. Then gradually add the powdered sugar and beat until smooth.

Once all the sugar is in and it’s smooth add the raspberry preserves and fold in with a spatula, and that’s it for the icing.

Now back to the cupcakes, once they are cooled, we are going to cut a small cylinder or cone-shaped hole out of the top, maybe halfway down into the cupcake.

Then fill with raspberry preserves and top with a portion of the piece you just cut out. Now you can pipe the icing on the top of the cupcake and top it with one fresh raspberry as a garnish and enjoy!


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