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Ghoulishly Good: Haunted Halloween Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Truffles

Welcome back to all my canna chefs out there and happy fall! As October unfurls its shadowy tendrils, a chilling excitement sweeps through the air. Halloween, the spookiest of holidays, beckons us to indulge in the eerie and the macabre. What better way to celebrate than with a delectable treat that's not only hauntingly delicious but also infused with a touch of cannabis magic? In this special October recipe, we'll conjure up Haunted Halloween Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Truffles that are sure to cast a spell on your taste buds.

With these Haunted Halloween Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Truffles, you're in for a bewitching culinary experience. Each bite is a tantalizing dance of rich, velvety ganache enrobed in a dark chocolate cloak. The touch of canna butter adds a subtle hint of herbal intrigue, elevating the truffles to a new level of mystique. Whether enjoyed with friends at a spooky gathering or savored in the quiet of a candlelit room, these truffles are bound to enchant even the most discerning of palates. This October, let the spirits roam and the flavors haunt your senses with this ghoulishly good treat. Have a safe and high Halloween this year, no it’s time to get our mind right and make some treats! So grab a bag of your favorite herb, twist one up, and let's get Cooking with a Buz!

Haunted Halloween Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Truffles

Yield: 20-24 truffles prep time: 20 min cool time: 2-3 hours decoration time: 25-30 min


8 oz dark chocolate (70% cocoa), finely chopped

1/2 cup heavy cream

2 tbsp unsalted cannabutter

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

A pinch of sea salt

Cocoa powder, for dusting

Optional: edible gold dust for a gilded touch of spookiness

For the Decorations:

Dark chocolate melts (for coating)

Candy eyes

Edible gold or silver dust (for a spectral shimmer)


Crafting the Sinister Ganache

First, in a medium saucepan, heat the heavy cream over low heat until it just begins to simmer. Make sure you're stove is on low heat because you don't want to boil the cream. Next, place the finely chopped dark chocolate in a heatproof bowl and pour the warm cream over the chopped chocolate. Allow it to sit undisturbed for a minute to melt the chocolate then gently stir the mixture until it is smooth and glossy. If any lumps remain, you can gently heat it in short bursts over a double boiler. Now just mix in the unsalted canna butter, vanilla extract, and a pinch of sea salt and stir until everything is well combined. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, ensuring it makes direct contact with the surface of the ganache. This prevents the formation of skin.

Let the ganache cool to room temperature, then refrigerate it for at least two hours or until it's firm enough to handle. I always put the plate or tray I'll be using to roll the balls on in the fridge as well to help keep the chocolate from melting while forming and coating with cocoa powder.

Shaping the Ghoulish Truffles

Once the ganache has been set, remove it from the refrigerator. Using a melon baller or a teaspoon, scoop out portions of ganache and roll them into small, bite-sized balls. Place them on the chilled baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Then, return the tray to the refrigerator for about 15-20 minutes to allow the truffles to firm up again.

Coating in Darkness

First we will need to melt the dark chocolate melts in a heatproof bowl either in the microwave or over a double boiler. Using a toothpick, dip each chilled truffle into the melted chocolate, ensuring it's completely coated. Allow any excess chocolate to drip off before you place the coated truffles back onto the parchment paper-lined tray. While the chocolate is still wet, attach the candy eyes to create eerie little creatures and rollin cocoa powder.

Optional: Dust the truffles with edible gold or silver dust for an ethereal, ghostly glow.

Let the Spirits Settle

Now just allow the truffles to set in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Once the chocolate coating has hardened, they are ready to serve.

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