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Snoop Dogg's Surprising Shift: It's Not About Cannabis

Photo: Baldomero Fernandez/ Solo Stove

Renowned rapper and entrepreneur Snoop Dogg recently made an announcement that left his fans in a state of surprise. On Thursday, through a social media post, he revealed a significant personal decision:

"After much thought and discussions with my family, I've chosen to quit smoking. I ask for your understanding and respect for my privacy during this period."

Snoop Dogg's enigmatic message didn't specify whether he was referring to quitting cannabis or something else. However, he cleared the air by disclosing his latest business venture. He's collaborating with Solo Stove, known for their smokeless fire pits.

Snoop expressed his fondness for outdoor fires but noted his aversion to the smoke. He praised Solo Stove for revolutionizing fire pits by eliminating smoke, sharing his enthusiasm for joining the brand. As part of this collaboration, Snoop Dogg assumes the role of the official "smokesman" for Solo Stove. They plan to unveil a special collaboration today at 4:20 p.m. EDT, exclusively available on and

The unexpected revelation initially led to an outpouring of support and curiosity among his followers, including celebrities like Queen Latifah, Jhené Aiko, and Maya Rudolph. Aiko encouraged him with a comment, "You got this, Unc!!" Venezuelan artist Micro TDH added, "Not smoking it’s the new smoking." However, some fans questioned the seriousness of his declaration, with actor Lamorne Morris and a social media user @ambie02 seeking clarification on what he meant by "smoke."

Following the announcement, Snoop posted additional photos on his social media, one accompanied by a caption requesting respect for his privacy and another with an air gust emoji, leaving his statement somewhat ambiguous.

This news coincided with the launch of Snoop's collaboration with Martha Stewart, introducing their "Best Buds Bags." As Snoop detailed to The Source, this limited edition bag features a variety of personal favorites, including a lighter and secret compartment for herbs. Additionally, Snoop and Stewart are set to release a lighter collection next year.

Snoop Dogg, famous for his "Gin and Juice" hit, has been vocal about his use of marijuana in his music. He's actively involved in the cannabis industry with his own brand, Leafs by Snoop, and as a member of the cannabis investment fund Casa Verde. In 2022, under this partnership, he introduced Snazzle Os, a cannabis-infused snack, with TSUMo Snacks.


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