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NBA Fans Troll Kevin Durant After Spotting Him Smoking Marijuana at Drake's Concert

Photo from KD's Twitter (2014)

The untold habits of Kevin Durant have captured the attention of the world.

From his notorious Twitter trolling with burner accounts to his occasional indulgence in marijuana, Durant's off-the-court antics have become a hot topic. And now, undeniable video evidence has surfaced, showcasing Durant smoking marijuana at Drake's concert. Brace yourself as the NBA Twitterverse unleashes its epic response to this revelation, giving a taste of the internet trolling that Durant himself is all too familiar with.

Kevin Durant: Pioneering the Cannabis Industry

Beyond just being a fan of marijuana, Kevin Durant has made significant contributions to the world of cannabis. As one of the leading voices, he successfully advocated for the removal of marijuana from the banned substances list for NBA players.

Teaming up with his business partner, Rich Kleiman, Durant has also ventured into various aspects of the cannabis industry. They have made strategic investments in multiple cannabis ventures and farms, showcasing their dedication and interest in this fast-growing market.

But their involvement doesn't stop there. Durant and Kleiman have also entered the tech side of the industry, using their venture capital firm to back Weedmaps. This platform not only advocates for marijuana legalization but also challenges the stigma around athletes who use marijuana. Their goal is to normalize its use among athletes, addressing issues such as sports anxiety and muscle pain.

Notably, Durant's media company, Boardroom, has partnered with Weedmaps as well. Together, they create integrated content that brings a fresh perspective to the cannabis industry. Their collaborative efforts resulted in a popular series last year, furthering their mission to broaden understanding and acceptance.

As a strong advocate for marijuana normalization, Durant recognizes the progress made thus far, particularly within the NBA. However, he believes there is still room for growth across all sports. With athletes like Durant leading the charge, marijuana may become a widely accepted form of treatment for sports-related ailments in the near future.


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