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Lawsuit Claims "Death by Gummy Bears" Products are 50 Times Stronger than State Law

By: Marie Scarci | December 7, 2022

This week, the Minnesota pharmaceutical board took serious action against Northland Vapor for allegedly and egregiously disregarding state laws regarding edible marijuana products.

The suit claims that the company sold products containing an exorbitant amount of THC - up to fifty times more than is legally allowed by state rule. Of particular concern were two product lines marketed under "Death By Gummy Bears" and "Wonky Weeds".

The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are currently conducting an investigation into a line of edibles known as "Death by Gummy Bears", following reports that they may have caused at least one death, according to the pharmaceutical board.

Although the FDA has yet to confirm if adverse reactions experienced by consumers were due to this product, it recommends caution when using any products containing delta-8 THC since such items have not been evaluated or approved for safe use in any capacity.

In a dramatic early November raid, authorities claim they discovered 150,000 packages of illegally potent THC products near the Minnesota-North Dakota border. The operation was led by both state and federal agents from the pharmaceutical board and FDA at the Moorhead facility.

Authorities claim the products seized matched ones that were being sold on Northland Vapor’s online store. The products in question are the “Death by Gummy Bear’s” 2500MG and their 1000MG packs, “Wonka Weeds” edibles that came in 300MG packs, and “Wonka Weeds” 700MG THC syrup.

Minnesota's pharmaceutical board recently issued a statement claiming that Northland Vapor had neglected to provide the results of essential tests designed to detect toxins such as pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents in their cannabis products when asked to by investigators.

Brad Erpelding, operator of Northland Vapor Moorhead LLC, Northland Vapor Bemidji LLC, and Wonky Confections LLC is facing the lawsuit. His attorney, Tyler Leverington has condemned the State of St. Paul's lawsuit against Northland Products as an "aggressive tactic" intended to besmirch a small business that is dedicated to providing quality products.

Leverington stated there was no evidence that any harm had come from properly using these goods, and decried what he saw as regulators who were attempting to draw attention to their recently passed law.

In a stringent effort to keep cannabis consumption regulated, Minnesota is taking firm action against Northland Vapor for allegedly violating state law. The statute prohibits the sale of edible cannabinoid products containing more than 5 milligrams of THC per serving or 50 milligrams in total—both limits exceeded by this company's product line.

Furthermore, it alleges that their offerings have been modeled after cartoon-like characters and candies appealing to children; an explicit violation that goes directly to counter the intention behind these regulations.

The Minnesota pharmaceutical board is cautioning citizens to steer clear of certain edible products sold by Northland Vapor. The company's "Death By Gummy Bears" and "Wonky Weeds" brands have been identified as adulterated, prompting the board to file a civil lawsuit seeking condemnation and destruction of these items.

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1 Comment

Mad Dabber
Mad Dabber
Dec 13, 2022

50x's stronger!!! Where can I order them at RN

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