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Woody Harrelson Lights Up the Night with a Luxurious Hollywood Cannabis Lounge

By: Buz Deliere | October 28, 2022

The Woods, a new cannabis consumption lounge in West Hollywood opened its doors on Friday and already boasts some notable names for the owners including actor Woody Harrelson and HBO Real Time host Bill Maher. This reported establishment will be debuting its garden lounge with partners that include legendary designer Thomas Schoos as well founders of Erba dispensary Jay Handal & Devon Wheeler.

The 5,000-square-foot space with cabanas and sofas is set up for you to relax while consuming. There’s even room for your feathered friends as well, hosting a variety of tropical birds. The garden was once home to Schoos' professional studio but has since been transformed into an oasis complete with koi ponds alongside lush trees and gardens giving you that tropical rainforest feels while you get high.

The dispensary’s rear lounge is a great place to enjoy cannabis with friends and family. Cannabis products can be purchased from the menu, or guests may bring their own for a small fee, of $20. No tobacco products will be allowed and there are private cabanas available at varying prices depending on what time you wish to reserve them; pricing typically ranges between $100/hour (8-person capacity) -$200 per hour. There is food available from Norah's Kitchen, an adjoining business.

When you purchase cannabis at The Woods, it’s a special experience not just because of the quality products and remarkable lounge but also due to the fact that after hours guests can access their previously purchased cannabis via lockers provided. So need to worry about the purchasing your cannabis before the legal cutoff time of 9:30 pm.

West Hollywood is set to have 16 licensed consumption lounges by the time they are all completed. The Original Cannabis Cafe on La Brea has temporarily closed, but many more await their opening in this bustling scene of West Hollywood's growing cannabis culture. The cannabis consumption lounge trend has come to Ojai, California as well. The city council approved plans for three existing dispensaries in town that will now offer an "on-site" marijuana use lounge.


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