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Vermont Issues First Retail Cannabis Licenses

by Therin Miller | September 26, 2022

The first adult-use cannabis retail licenses in Vermont were granted by officials this week, ahead of the market's scheduled opening on October 1. Along with FLRA Cannabis in Middlebury and Mountain Girl Cannabis in Rutland, the board also approved CeresMED in Burlington to switch from selling medical marijuana to selling recreational marijuana.

As soon as they have paid the license costs and done the necessary personnel training, which includes detecting the signs of overconsumption and substance use disorder, the new licensees can start selling adult products. The businesses could also need additional local licenses if their municipality requires them.

Dave Silberman, a co-owner of FLORA Cannabis, stated in a VT Digger article that although the state's retail launch is expected to be delayed due to several licensing issues, the company is aiming for a grand opening on October 1. Silberman anticipated "a trickle," at least initially, of store openings.

There won't be many retailers prepared; he told VT Digger. "It's going to be difficult at the outset because there isn't a lot of ready inventory right now."

Nearly 50 Vermont towns, or more than half the communities in the New England state, had chosen to legalize adult-use cannabis sales as of local elections conducted in March. Only after a municipality has chosen to participate in the program may businesses submit an application for a license.


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