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Smith Valley Hash - Sundae Supreme Ice Water Hash Rosin

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

By Melissa Hall

Back on the hunt, and the pursuit for the finest cannabis products in Oklahoma has been filled with lots of new names. As the super essential, ever booming market in Oklahoma grows, even more, new Cannabis companies are popping up everywhere. The overall quality of the product has increased quite a bit in just the last couple of months. This month, I knew I had to give my fellow hash lovers something great so after checking out so many new and already existing hash makers. My instincts did not fail me, and I ended up back where I started with my first pick for the best Hash Rosin. This review is for the Hash Rosin lovers for sure. There are two types of people in the world, people that like hash and people that love hash.

If you love Hash you probably have heard of Smith Valley or Lost Roots Hash. Smith Valley is known for

its high-quality solventless ice water hash Rosin, and of course for using only the best flower for their hash. So, when I told the guys over at Smith Valley I needed something spectacular for this issue, they did not disappoint. Sundae Supreme Ice Water Hash Rosin. Made with flower grown by Cold Creek Cannabis. Sundae Supreme is another hit pheno by Nature’s KISS Love out of Tulsa. Exceptional Hash to say the least, Smith Valley exceeded my expectations as usual.

If you had heard the name Smith Valley you have probably also heard the name Lost Roots Hash, they are actually the same company. Smith Valley and Lost Roots merged and took on the main name Smith Valley, but You will still see the Roots name active on social media and if you see the label you will know you’re getting Smith Valley quality. Friends since High School, Michael Valli, and Arley Boyd along with Mansour Valli and Nicholas Von Rodenstein make up the team over at Smith Valley/Lost Roots Hash. Boyd is the hash engineer but also has another talent in photography, Specifically photographing his product. The photographs used in this review are taken by Boyd. I would like to thank him for taking the time and sharing his art with us.

Smith Valley has a reputation around the Oklahoma Cannabis Market as the local favorites and the guys who simply know great hash. These boys next door have really stood out this last year and have delivered top-quality medicine to the patients of Oklahoma.

For those of you who have yet to try Hash Rosin, the rosin process comes from combining high heat and immense pressure to produce a solvent-less hash oil (SHO) via a rosin press or homemade products. This method brings out the

product's oil out from its trichome heads, resulting in a high-terpene, full-melt. When executed correctly, the rosin yield will be a golden yellow sap with high potency. Best of all, it only takes seconds. So, essentially Rosin is Hash if the terminology seems confusing. The potency and quality of Hash Rosin are what make many patients choose it for a real pure cannabis medical product. It is great for pain, insomnia, appetite loss, and many other conditions making it a common choice among medical marijuana patients.

Back to Smith’s Sunday Supreme. The consistency is exactly the extraordinary quality we have come to expect from Smith Valley. Super creamy and light, the tan sand-colored rosin is super smooth in texture and lays like whipped ribbons. One of the most notable things about Smith’s hash is that killer consistency. The flavor and aroma are matched and the Sunday driver lineage is present but a sweet hint of vanilla and a little bit of spice flood your senses and give way to that awesome terp profile. Super smooth to smoke, it is amazing how light it is to smoke. It does not feel heavy or harsh on your lungs at all. The effects are instant and quite intense. The Sativa balance of the strain is evident as the first wave goes directly to elevate the mind and gives quite the head rush sensation. The effect on your muscles and joints are immediate, giving them that deep Rosin relaxation as It is sometimes called. The smell, taste, consistency, and of course potency lets you know right away you are dealing with a top-shelf product. Huge thanks to the guys over at Smith Valley/ Lost Roots Hash for always providing a top-quality product for patients. If you are a fan of good hash, you definitely want to give these guys a try. You will not be disappointed.

Always remember to medicate responsibly and Stay Lit.


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