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Same Day Detox - Nutra Cleanse Drug Test

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

By Therin Miller | Chronic Magazine

Nutra Cleanse Drug Test by - with weed leaf background
Nutra Cleanse Drug Test by

Passing a drug test is everyone's worry, especially if it is required in a job interview. With Pass Your Test products, you can count on clean results. The product starts working within the first 90 minutes of taking the first drink. You also get a cleansing coach to help you throughout the journey in case of inquiries and help you meet the deadline. A test on the Pass Your Test website helps you determine the type of drug test kit you require. You can take thier detox quiz here.

Further, the process will be permanent. The products work for all types of toxins perfectly. Here are some of the best drug test products.


THC Users with a high level of toxins want something they know works and not take a chance at failing their drug test go for the Nutra cleanse same day detox - fail-safe kit. The fail-safe detox kit works within the first 60 minutes and lasts six hours in your system. This is a great detox system cleaner when you want or need a fast acting detox kit. The cleansing coach ensures that you will pass your test. Within 90 minutes, your system cleanse drink will flush your system and will aid in getting rid of the toxins that are commonly detected in drug tests.

Your kit has the following:

· Fail-safe detox 8-page PDF guide.

· Phone and chat support for communication with customer support.

· 100% money-back guarantee.

· four-capsule pre-cleanse solution.

· Fast-acting body cleanser.2.5 oz.

· Twelve clean capsules.

Instruction You Will Follow for Your 24 Hour Cleanse

· Take the clean shot 90 minutes before the drug test is to be administered. Ensure you shake the bottle before taking the clean shot.

· After drinking the shot, take the four pre-cleanse capsules. This should be done ten minutes after the clean shot. Use around 12oz of water. After ten minutes, take another four capsules and repeat the process after ten minutes once more. The capsules are taken three times, each after ten minutes.

The whole process should last 45 minutes from start to finish. You will have taken 16 capsules, one shot, and 48oz water.

Most people will use the bathroom 3-4 times as this will flush your system. However, the best is four or more times to ensure that the process goes through successfully.

Before starting the detox system cleaner, avoid using any toxins for around 48 hours.

Ensure that you drink enough water, cranberry juice, or green tea during the process.

Avoid consuming heavy starch, candy, soft drinks, processed food, and fatty meat.

For more information regarding the product, visit Pass your test.

Price: $59.95

A clean shot detox is a simple-to-take liquid that is packed in a 2.5 oz, Drink. The 24 hour body cleanse shot includes a capsule combination that works fast and efficiently to eliminate toxins in your body. The shot collaborates with your body to break down the toxins and then take them out of the body. The clean shot product works in 90 minutes; afterward, you can expect that all toxins have been flushed from the system. The product works best for people with a high level of toxins and is looking to flush your system with this same day detox drink them within the day.

Your kit includes

· Eight-page PDF with a meal plan and cleansing guide.

· Phone and chat support to communicate with customer support.

· 100% money-back guarantee if the product does not serve the purpose.

· Four Capsules of the Cleanse Formula

· Quick-acting body washes in oz.

Instructions for Nutra Cleanse Clean Shot 1 Day Detox Drink

Mark 90 minutes before the cleansing deadline is over. Shake the nutra cleanse clean shot carefully and take it immediately. Wait for five minutes and drink 24oz of water. After 15 minutes, take the four capsules with 24oz of water.

It takes a minimum of 3-4 urinations to clear all toxins from your body. Four times is the safest; thus, you do not have to hold on to the urination after the fourth urination.

Avoid taking any toxins within the 48 hours before starting the cleansing process to prepare your body. Take enough water, avoid foods like starch, fried food, and dairy, and go for veggies, salad, and fruits.

Most customers have given a positive review regarding the product stating that it worked as stated. The delivery period is also perfect, as the item takes little time to reach the customers. The main important thing is to follow the instructions and wait for everything to work out. Visit Pass Your Test for more information.

Pass Your Test - Same Day Detox Cleanse Reviews

5 Stars

Worked Perfectly

“I used this product today and it worked perfectly. Thanks, I’ll recommend it.”

– Drew

5 Stars

I was Skeptical, I PASSED

“ I was skeptical, but I bought your product, followed the directions, I PASSED. Highly recommended for emergency situations. Thank you!”

– Robert

5 Stars

It does work. It did for me.

“ I took the never fail, drank the water and took a home test. It was clear. I went immediately to the Lab and took the test. All clear. What a relief to know there is a solution for pot smokers. I am telling everyone I know that smokes. Don’t fear. Just follow the directions.”

– Dani

Final Thoughts

The two products are perfect for people who want immediate results. Clean and fail shot work within 90 minutes of use and can last up to 6 hours after use. Always hydrate enough and avoid foods with a lot of starch and fried food. Best to go for salads, veggies, and fruits.

FAQ About Nutra Cleanse Same Day Detox

Will this product flush your system 24 hours?

Yes! It will work as long as you follow the instructions and you make sure to not consume any THC 48 hours before your test. Also, ensure you are staying away from fatty, greasy, and processed foods. Each product comes with instructions to follow before, during, and after.

What is the best drink that cleans out your system?

Nutra Cleanse Same day detox kits have been producing detox products for the last 20 years and we are the best on the market.

Does the cleaner detox work?

Yes! Nutra Cleanse has been an industry leader in the detox industry since 2000. has been a trusted provider of detoxification and home testing products for 20 years.

Where can I buy detox drinks?

You can buy them over at

How much are detox drinks?

There are different price ranges depending on your toxicity levels.

Is there a guarantee that this works?

Yes! offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products you can find out more on their website.

Does nutracleanse work?

Yes! Nutra Cleanse has been an industry leader in the detox industry since 2000. Nutracleanse offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products you can find out more on their website.


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