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Philippines, Alvarez Continues to Push for Marijuana Decriminalization and Legalization

Pantaleon Alvarez, Representative of Davao del Norte's First District, is continuing his advocacy for the legalization of marijuana after visiting Bauertek Corp. in Guiguinto, Bulacan. Through House Bill 6783, he aims to amend Republic Act 9165 and remove marijuana from the list of dangerous drugs in the Philippines. Joining the movement for this controversial issue, Alvarez firmly believes in the medicinal benefits of marijuana, and he is determined to push for its legalization.

He said, "I would not have realized that there is something like this in the Philippines if Dr. Richard Nixon Gomez's Bauertek in Bulacan had not invited me," he went on to say, "Many individuals would benefit if marijuana was legalized."

During a lively discussion about the potential of the cannabis industry at Bauertek Corp, Alvarez pointed out the exciting economic opportunities that could arise from legalizing marijuana for research, manufacturing, and distribution in the country.

Bauertek Corp's advanced centers and eagerness to create medicinal cannabis treatments exhibit the potential for the industry to boost the country's economy.

Alvarez stated, "The time has come for us to shift our approach from punitive measures to regulation, recognizing the economic opportunities presented by the cannabis industry and also mitigating risk factors."

The legalization of cannabis could bring numerous job opportunities, according to Alvarez. He highlighted the potential for employment in production, processing, distribution, and retail. Decriminalizing marijuana opens up an array of job options for individuals looking for work in the industry.

He went on to say, "By doing so, we can ignite a thriving sector that creates jobs, attracts investments, fosters overall economic growth in our beloved country, and helps our local farmers," and went on to explain, "This job market expansion will not only uplift countless individuals but also contribute to poverty reduction and overall social welfare."

The Philippines has the potential to become a top destination for investment in the cannabis industry, according to Alvarez. With marijuana cultivation and distribution on the verge of legalization, the country is poised to attract both domestic and international investors. Alvarez believes that embracing this rapidly growing sector could result in a surge of capital inflow and expertise. Thailand has already legalized cannabis, and the market potential is estimated to be worth $2 billion.

Overall, the legalization of marijuana in the Philippines could be a powerful economic opportunity for both domestic and international investors. It can create jobs, attract investments, foster growth within the country’s economy, and contribute to poverty reduction and social welfare. Representative Pantaleon Alvarez has made it his mission to push forward House Bill 6783 in order to make this possible. With support from Bauertek Corp., he is determined to see cannabis cultivation and distribution become legalized throughout the Philippines so that everyone can benefit from the powers of this plant and the country can benefit from the potential market value of $2 billion. The time has come for us all to get behind this movement and help bring these positive changes to fruition!


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