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Ohio Father to Compensate Families after Daughter Took Weed to School and Gave it to Her Friends

By Hunter Dublin | June 20, 2022

The punishment was handed down today in Franklin County Municipal Court to an Upper Arlington parent who pled guilty last month to three offenses related to an incident at his daughter's school.

In May, Scott Macre, 43, pled guilty to one count of creating panic, impeding government business, and misdemeanor possession of a controlled narcotic.

On April 22, Macre's 10-year-old daughter took 50-milligram tablets of THC edibles to Windermere Elementary School, according to court filings. She had discovered them in her family's kitchen and assumed they were Easter leftovers.

She allegedly shared them with four of her pals, who were all taken to the hospital from the school cafeteria after exhibiting symptoms of "impairment, nausea, hallucinations, and increased heart rates."

At Tuesday's sentence, Judge James P. O'Grady heard two victim impact statements from two families of kids who became ill.

"Every night when our daughter puts down her head, she will no longer allow us to close the door," the judge stated. "Since the occurrence on April 22, her door has remained open for fear of reliving the hallucinations."

"In her mind, school is no longer safe," he continued.

Macre took the floor and apologized to the children, families, community, and his family.

"I really apologize for all your anxiety and suffering," Macre stated.

Macre was sentenced to pay court costs, a $300 punishment for inciting fear, and $5,000 in reparations to the families impacted. That money would be shared, with each person getting a maximum of $1,250.

He received a 180-day prison term and was sentenced to 90 days in jail for obstruction, suspended for two years, and awaiting community control.

He was also fined $100 for the misdemeanor offense of possession of a controlled drug.


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