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Major Cannabis Haul in Athens: Two Arrested with Over 87 Kilos in Zografou

In a significant crackdown on drug trafficking, two foreign nationals were detained by the police in the Zografou district of Athens this Tuesday. The individuals, aged 38 and 25, face serious charges after being caught with a substantial amount of cannabis, marking a major operation against illegal drug activities in the area.

Authorities intervened on a street in Zografou where they discovered the suspects in possession of 15 kilograms and 230 grams of processed cannabis, neatly packaged into 150 parcels, presumably ready for street distribution. The arrest was a result of a coordinated effort involving the Narcotics Prosecution Sub-Directorate, alongside teams from the University Protection Sub-Directorate and Immediate Action Unit.

Further investigations led to a search of the suspects' residence, where police uncovered an additional 65 kilograms and 387 grams of raw cannabis. A modest sum of 200 euros in cash was also seized during the operation, suggesting the sale of illegal substances.

Do you think community efforts can effectively aid in curbing local drug trafficking?

  • Yes. Community vigilance can deter crime.

  • No. Only law enforcement can effectively manage it.

  • Yes. Local involvement is crucial for prevention.


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