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Historic First-Chicago Hockey Team Sponsored by Cannabis Company

By: Buz Deliere | November 17, 2022

As the stigma behind cannabis begins to fade like the smoke from a bong hit, we are now seeing more brands advertising in places they haven't before. Verilife, an Illinois cannabis brand, had come to an agreement with the 2022 AHL Champs, the Chicago Wolves.

This sponsorship deal is a first of its kind for the two and will give Verilife game-day visibility for all home games as well as promotions in-store and charity benefit events for the community.

Verilife will be visible on the jumbotron during the home games and they will also have a banner on the team’s website.

Erika Salgado Guerra, CMO of PharmaCann, the parent company of Verilife said about Chicago, that it's a city “that loves hockey” and that the Wolves are a “dynamic team.”

He then states that the close proximity of the two, Verilife and the Wolves hockey team, made it a natural fit for the sponsorship.

Salgado Guerra goes on to say “We have so many customers who follow the team, and we cannot wait to introduce Verilife to the rest of the team’s fans. We’re looking forward to being a part of each exhilarating game.”

Chris Friederich, Senior Executive of Corporate Partnerships with the Chicago Wolves was also extremely grateful for the opportunity for the two to work together and help the communities they live and work in.

“It’s going to be fantastic to see how much money we can raise together for Facing Forward. Go Wolves!” Chris Friederich states.

Facing Forward to end homelessness provides permanent housing, education, advocacy, and social services to those in need.

This newly founded partnership, which just a few years ago would not have happened, could possibly open the door for similar agreements between teams and cannabis companies in the future.


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