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Georgia Pharmacies Now Authorized to Dispense Medical Cannabis

Georgia is making progress in providing medical cannabis products to registered patients. Around 14,000 patients will have access to low THC oil at pharmacies soon. About 120 pharmacies have already applied to sell this oil, produced by Botanical Science. The Georgia Board of Pharmacy is currently inspecting these pharmacies before granting approval.

In 2019, the General Assembly approved the distribution of low THC oil, and now the board has finalized and passed safety and distribution rules for these products. Governor Brian Kemp recently approved these rules, making Georgia the first state in the US to sell medical cannabis products at independent pharmacies.

Pharmacists now have the power to address patients' concerns and provide the treatments they have been searching for, according to Gary Long, CEO of Botanical Sciences.

In the near future, independent pharmacies in Georgia will offer low THC oil, making it easily accessible for the majority of the state's population. To obtain the oil, patients must present a state-approved registry card, which can be obtained with a doctor's approval. The THC oil can have up to 5% THC content.

Jonathan Marquess, vice president of the Georgia Pharmacy Association, believes that this new opportunity will benefit patients in remote areas who may not have access to a dispensary. They will now have caring, knowledgeable pharmacists in their communities to guide them.

Since 2015, Georgia has allowed the medical use of low-THC products for conditions like autism spectrum disorder, cancer, and Parkinson's disease. Currently, patients can obtain cannabis from the state's seven approved dispensaries. However, these dispensaries are often located far from patients' homes, making it difficult for them to access the treatment they need.

The new rule allowing pharmacies to dispense medical cannabis is a major step forward in improving access and convenience for patients. This move also aligns with the growing acceptance of medical cannabis as a legitimate form of treatment by healthcare professionals.

Furthermore, this development may also help to combat the illegal sale and use of cannabis in Georgia. With a legal and regulated source of medical cannabis available, patients will have no need to seek out illicit sources for their treatment.

The authorization of pharmacies to dispense medical cannabis is just one step in the process of expanding access and availability to this form of treatment for patients in Georgia. It is an exciting development.


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