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Florida GOP Firmly Opposes Recreational Cannabis Legalization

The Republican Party of Florida has officially declared its opposition to the legalization of recreational cannabis. This stance was formalized during the party's recent quarterly meeting, where the executive board voted against Amendment 3, a proposal set to be on the November ballot.

Amendment 3, which seeks to legalize recreational marijuana sales in Florida, is one of six constitutional amendments up for a vote this fall. The GOP's opposition was articulated by board Chair Evan Power, who critiqued the amendment as an effort by a "shrinking minority" to push a "radical agenda" through misleading tactics.

The opposition is bolstered by claims from prominent figures like Governor Ron DeSantis, who argue that Florida's extensive medical cannabis program, which serves over 880,000 patients, negates the need for legalizing recreational use. Proponents of the amendment, however, disagree vehemently.

Representatives from the Smart & Safe Florida legalization campaign, such as spokesperson Morgan Hill, argue that the decision should rest with Florida voters, not political insiders. Hill emphasizes that Amendment 3 enjoys widespread bipartisan support due to its potential to enhance accountability, transparency, and safety in cannabis use.

As Florida approaches a significant decision in November, the debate intensifies with strong opinions on both sides. The outcome will determine the direction of cannabis legislation in the state, influencing both policy and public opinion.

Do you think recreational cannabis should be legalized in Florida?

  • Yes, it’s time for change.

  • No, the current medical program is sufficient.

  • Undecided, need more information.


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