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Drake's Camp Denies Arrest Allegations and Cannabis Possession.

By Therin Miller | July 29, 2022

Last July 14, the Swedish website 'Dopist' reported via Instagram that the Canadian rapper/musician Drake had been caught using marijuana at a Stockholm club.

According to DOPEST sources, Drake was temporarily detained by police in Stockholm during his private party at Berns. His bodyguard is rumored to have been arrested at the scene. Witnesses at the scene believe it is a case of drug offenses in the form of illegal cannabis possession. Drake and his team will be released!

Drake and his team, however, deny this incident, claiming he was in his hotel room in Stockholm at the time of the alleged bust. It's unknown what the Toronto-based rapper was doing in the Scandinavian country.

On another note, Complex, through its social media sites, reported that Drake posted evidence on Instagram: "One of the photos shows a paper from the Polisen, or Swedish National Police Board, titled: 'Information for Those who are Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained,' which lists off a person's rights, as well as next steps, beginning with an interrogation."

Sweden is well-known for its anti-marijuana stance. Cannabis is a Schedule I substance in Sweden, like in the United States. You can only access Medical Marijuana in the form of prescription medicine Sativex.

Snoop Dogg claimed he was racially profiled during an incident near Stockholm in 2015 in which he was charged with DWI.


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