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CBD Food Products Soon to be Regulated by the FDA

By: Marie Scarci | December 27, 2022

The FDA is taking steps toward the regulation of CBD products. According to agency officials speaking with the Wall Street Journal, changes are imminent that could bring about new restrictions for incorporating this cannabis-derived compound into food and supplements in the U.S., potentially impacting a market worth billions of dollars annually.

With the evidence on cannabis safety now evaluated, a decision from The Food and Drug Administration is just months away.

Regulatory authorities must decide whether this will be handled with agency rules or legislative action by Congress - revealing an important shift for cannabis in America.

In response to the growing consumer use of CBD products, the FDA is exploring safety concerns surrounding long-term consumption and its effects on future fertility for pregnant women. Patrick Cournoyer, director of the agency's cannabis strategy office spoke with The Wall Street Journal about this matter.

The FDA recently revived a statement from last year, that they are working to create access for the legal marketing of cannabis-related products.

This announcement comes as part of an effort by the agency to promote better regulatory pathways in regard to the use of cannabis and cannabis products.


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