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California Seizes More Than $1 Billion in Illegal Weed in 13 months

California seizes more than $1Billion in Weed in 13 Months
MediaNews Group/Inland Valley Daily Bulletin via Getty Images / Contributor - Getty images

By Hunter Dublin | August 31, 2022

Over the last 13 months, the California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) claims to have captured more than $1 billion in illegal cannabis. According to a news statement from the DCC, the agency has executed 232 search warrants, recovered more than 500,000 pounds of illicit cannabis, and eliminated more than 1.4 million plants in collaboration with local, state, and federal law enforcement.

Furthermore, law enforcement activities resulted in the discovery of 120 illicit firearms and the confiscation of $2.3 million in additional assets.

The DCC stated that the actions are part of its efforts "to expand access to tested cannabis products for consumers and lower barriers to participation for businesses," noting that it had recently been allocated $20 million "to grant cities and counties funding that will support the creation of cannabis retail access in areas that do not currently allow it."

Per the state data, 56% of California towns and counties (304 of 539) prohibit any cannabis business. In comparison, 61% prohibit retail cannabis businesses (330 of 539). Less than half (44%) permit only one sort of cannabis business.


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