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4/20: Lawmakers and Activists Unite Inside the U.S. Capitol for Marijuana Reform

Proponents of marijuana reform have revealed plans to conduct a policy forum right within the walls of the prestigious U.S. Capitol Building on April 20th, notably celebrated as the unofficial cannabis holiday. This highly-anticipated event promises to be a riveting gathering where industry professionals and advocates alike can discuss and explore crucial issues relating to marijuana legalization. It will see the likes of prominent speakers including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and various other distinguished personalities.

The upcoming National Cannabis Policy Summit’s Congressional Forum is set to take place in the heart of Washington DC at the Capital Visitors Center's Congressional Auditorium and promises to be a dynamic showcase of groundbreaking ideas and fresh perspectives. With an impressive turnout of advocates, experts, lawmakers, stakeholders, and patients, attendees can look forward to engaging in thought-provoking conversations on the pressing need for federal reform with a particular emphasis on pushing for equity.

Advocates for marijuana legalization have announced plans to hold a policy-centric event inside the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. This marks a significant shift from past years where pro-legalization festivals and forums took place outside the building. As more states pass legislation in favor of legalized marijuana, pressure for federal reform is mounting. The forthcoming event is a clear indication of the growing importance of marijuana issues in the national conversation.

In a powerful display of support for the normalization of cannabis, a group of top congressional lawmakers are set to speak at an upcoming event. Among these influential figures stands Senator Schumer, a prominent advocate in the fight to end federal prohibition. Attendees can expect to hear about his efforts to enact modest cannabis reforms, particularly in regards to banking and expungements. This session could prove to be a monumental moment in the ongoing battle for legalization.

Six lawmakers from across the political spectrum are set to take the stage at the upcoming event, where they'll share their thoughts on a wide range of issues about cannabis reform. Among those expected to speak are Sen. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat from Colorado, and Representatives Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Barbara Lee (D-CA), Dave Joyce (R-OH), Nancy Mace (R-SC), and Brian Mast (R-FL). With so many voices set to be heard, it promises to be an engaging and thought-provoking event for all who attend.

Caroline Phillips, founder of the National Cannabis Policy Summit, said, “To sit inside the Capitol Building and hear directly from the Members of Congress making the policy decisions shows just how far we’ve come as a country in reimagining drug policy, and on April 20th, we’ll have a chance to discuss how much farther we need to go.”

In anticipation of the upcoming National Cannabis Festival at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C., the congressional event is set to take place two days prior. Lawmakers and advocates of legalizing cannabis will gather to discuss the future of the industry and its impact on society. This event serves as a platform for individuals to voice their opinions and concerns in hopes of shaping the cannabis landscape. So, mark your calendars and get ready for a week filled with exciting conversations and hopefully groundbreaking progress.


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