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Whoopi Goldberg on a Mission to Become the 'Ultimate Weed Guru'

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Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of The View, is making a bold comeback in the cannabis industry. At age 67, she has invested a huge amount of money into a brand-new marijuana business.

Introducing Emma & Clyde, the game-changing cannabis line breaking boundaries in Hollywood. At 67 years young, she's set to become the reigning weed queen.

Goldberg's dedication to her new business is unwavering as she fearlessly invests millions to guarantee its triumph.

According to a trusted source, the Sister Act star is wholeheartedly prioritizing this venture by pouring her own money into it.

Goldberg's venture into the cannabis industry in 2016 had a bumpy ride, mainly due to her turbulent relationship with Maya Elisabeth. This unfortunate dynamic was believed to be the downfall of the medical marijuana company she had invested in.

Protecting herself from potential harm, Goldberg reportedly turned to her family for support. Alongside her daughter, Alex Martin, and granddaughter, Amara Skye, Goldberg believed that only those closest to her could be truly trusted.

Goldberg's latest business venture comes after rumors of her departure from her long-established daytime talk show and her desire to leave her role on The View. Dedicated viewers were alarmed by Goldberg's absence in the trailer for the new season, and expressed their concerns on Twitter. Despite facing conflicts within the show, Goldberg's contractual obligations prevented her from making any drastic moves in her career. However, sources close to her advised caution in her new venture to avoid going too far.

"She's completely disregarding warnings and becoming fixated on becoming the ultimate weed guru," revealed an insider to the National Enquirer.

Rising above the competition in the cannabis industry was no easy task for Goldberg, but she aimed to become the ultimate weed guru. Despite his celebrity status, he had to outshine other stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Seth Rogan, Mike Tyson, Willie Nelson, Carlos Santana, and Justin Bieber, all of whom had their own successful lines in the industry.

"The stakes are incredibly high," the source emphasized, without any intended wordplay.

Although Goldberg has garnered a significant following in the show's 27th season trailer, her experience on The View has recently encountered some bumps along the way.

Before shocking producers and causing her co-hosts to blush by revealing intimate details of her past sexual experiences, the comedian apparently clashed with co-host Joy Behar over financial negotiations for her role.

Goldberg reportedly demanded a pay raise in May, despite having a remaining two years on her contract.

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